10 Reasons Why You Should STOP Having Sex With Men Who Don’t VALUE You!


Attention:  Ladies, Sistahs, SistahFriends and Women in General.  Let’s talk about “Casual Sex” for a minute.  After listening to several conversations had by my female relatives and friends, I felt the need to create this list.  I hate seeing intelligent and worthy women selling themselves short to be with a man who only wants them … Read more

Love is Patient. Love is Kind. How My Husband Changed My Mind About Real Love



Love is patient and kind;

My first relationship with a man was with my father.  He wasn’t a nice man and he did not treat my mother very well.  I had no idea what a healthy relationship looked or felt like.  My 1st love was an insecure, troubled bastard with sex issues and also a complete loser who had a severely distorted idea of what love meant.  

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Where’s The Love? – Uplifting Entertainment (UP TV) Original Movie


Where’s The Love? is a UP TV original movie about two very popular relationship therapists who have their own show and happen to also be married to each other.  They give out relationship advice as they navigate their own tumultuous marriage.  The movie stars Lamman Rucker, Denise Boutte and Terri Vaughn to name a few. … Read more

Chocolate Chat Atlanta – Dress for Success

Chocolate Chat Summer 2013

The theme for this edition of Chocolate Chat Atlanta is Dress for Success.  The idea being to show people how to use a few basic styling techniques to put together business professional and casual outfits using items from your own closet.  It was genius really and Chocolate Chat Ceo, Swarthy Daisy did a great job. … Read more