Blogging Over the Age of 50


Let’s face it.  None of us getting any younger.  As a blogger who is almost 50 I must say that ever since I left the corporate world 3 years ago to do this full time, I have been having the time of my life in this industry!

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Stacey Taylor aka “The SistahChick” is the CEO of The SistahChick & Co., LLC which is the parent company of Our Natural Kids (website), Sistah Buttah (product), TSC Media (service). I have turned my hobby into my career. Now I am living my dreams of being an entrepreneur and living my best life. Thank you for coming to The Sistah Cafe to read about my journey & adventures!!

{{RECAP}} Women Entrepreneurs Rock Conference 2014 – #WERock2014

WeRock Team

It was absolutely my pleasure to be an integral part of this years Women’ Entrepreneurs Rock Conference!  #WERock2014 took place here in Atlanta on November the 15th.  This conference had everything, Speakers, Sponsors, Panelists, Vendors, SWAG, Interactive Activities and more! As the Social Media Manager/Sponsorship Coordinator for this event, I worked in direct collaboration with … Read more{{RECAP}} Women Entrepreneurs Rock Conference 2014 – #WERock2014

Chocolate Chat Atlanta – Dress for Success

Chocolate Chat Summer 2013

The theme for this edition of Chocolate Chat Atlanta is Dress for Success.  The idea being to show people how to use a few basic styling techniques to put together business professional and casual outfits using items from your own closet.  It was genius really and Chocolate Chat Ceo, Swarthy Daisy did a great job. … Read moreChocolate Chat Atlanta – Dress for Success