Thrifting Sistah: Summertime Fab Thrifting Finds


Greetings Thrifting Sistahs!  its been another Fab Month of Summer Thrifting and boy do I have some treasures to show you.  My favorite thing to thrift for is always dresses.  I love buying dresses and I love to wear them.  See the way my pretty petite plus frame is set up… I think I look good in a variety of nice dress styles. I hit the mother load last week! If you caught my last thrifting post you can see my flavor for prints, and wrap style sun, maxi and mini dresses.

I can’t wait to wear this piece somewhere.  Its covered in chocolate brown cocoa leaves and has a perfect sash like belt to wrap me all up like a gift.  The tag says W by Wrapper.  I scored this sweet treasure for $3.24.


This beautiful multi colored frock from Bisou Bisou is just my style and just my size. I love the deep purples and golds. I scored this pretty present for $4.24.

Bisou Bisou Multi Colored Wrap Dress

How long do I have to live in Georgia to be considered a “Georgia Peach”?  I am gonna speed that process up when I rock this peach Rafaella shirt dress.  Scored for $3.24.


I love twirling and this pretty garment will allow me to make that happen!  Its by Connected Apparel for Macy’s. It has a bold pattern with bright cream and taupe flowers on a chocolate backdrop. Perfection.  Scored for $4.24

Connected Apparel Wrap Dress

I adore this dress.  The patterns remind me of a bunch of dream catchers and who doesn’t want to catch a dream! Earthtones look so good on my brown skin and so will this dress.  The name on the tag says: Axcess. Scored for $3.74.

Multi Colored Dress by Axcess

That’s it for me my Sistahs!  I scored all of these beautiful dresses and more at the thrift store! Thrifting for me is like treasure hunting and I love finding treasures.  The key to a good thrift outing is knowing exactly what you want and then finding it.  I’ll be back next month with something new to show you… well…new to me anyway!  lol Stay tuned.

What are your favorite things to go thrifting for?

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