10 Reasons Why You Should STOP Having Sex With Men Who Don’t VALUE You!


Attention:  Ladies, Sistahs, SistahFriends and Women in General.  Let’s talk about “Casual Sex” for a minute.  After listening to several conversations had by my female relatives and friends, I felt the need to create this list.  I hate seeing intelligent and worthy women selling themselves short to be with a man who only wants them … Read more

Sistah SpotLight! Mahogany Babies

On behalf of Our Natural Kids, I am so excited to tell you all about Mahogany Babies!  Mahogany Babies is a California based program that helps to educate parents about healthy hair and scalp care as well as healthy self esteem.  They achieve this through educational “hands on” seminars developed by Trichologist, natural hair stylist … Read more

DPL Products – An African American Owned & Operated Hair Care Line

I met with Bill Wilborn, VP of Sales & Marketing at DPL Products today. Bill is the son of Dr. Wesley S. Wilborn, the creator of these products and a pioneer who launched the first mainstream skin and hair product line, formulated by a dermatologist to people of African descent. We met to discuss the … Read more