Gorgeous Atlanta Natural (GAN) Swap N Shop

Our last meet up (5/15/10) was a Product Swap and I had such a great time! Got to hang out with my Fav Natural Sistahs PerfectlyPretty, Jinx, Monicajoi aka Knapsgirl. I also got to see Mahoganyknots and various other GORGEOUS ATLANTA NATURALS. It was a blast and I hope that everyone had as much fun … Read more

There is no better place in the World for a Natural Chick like me, than The World Natural Hair & Beauty Show! Yes indeed! it went down in ATL on April 9th, April 10th & April 11th. It was like A Natural Hair SuperBowl!! It kicked off on Friday night April 9th with a Pre … Read more

The Bronner Bros 2010 Mid Winter International Hair & Beauty Show – Atlanta

I had a GREAT time at this event!! This is the 1st hairshow that I have ever attended and I couldnt have picked a better place to lose my hairshow virginity than the The Bronner Bros 2010 Mid Winter International Hair & Beauty Show. It was very crowded so it’s good that everything was super … Read more

The SistahChick’s YouTube Channel!

I am sure that I have made reference to my YouTube Channel before, but please allow me to formerly introduce it to you. In April 2009, I decided that I would like to chronicle my Natural hair journey among other things in a way that documented as well as expressed the real me, doin what … Read more

It’s 2010… HapPy New Year!!

What A Year!! Can I give you some keywords to sum up my 2009? (How is that for proving that I spend way too much time on the Internet?) The SistahChicks 2009 KeyWordsKIDS, Family, Home, Obama, Barack & Michelle, Michael Jackson, SmokeFree, The SistahChick, YouTube, Natural Hair, Tiger Woods, Carols Daughter, Mixed Chicks, Twitter, Marriage, … Read more