My Child is Not Bad: Diagnosing ADHD and Other Behavior Disorders


I have an eight year old son that struggles with behavioral issues and focusing. We began to see the signs at the tender age of four. The teacher began to complain about him “raging” after he lost focus and was told to stop whatever he was doing.

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Deadpool & All Things Marvel: How I Choose to Relate with My Teen


Me:  WAIT!  Are they Marvel or DC?

Her:  oh my god mom

If I want to piss my teenaged daughter off quick, then all I have to do is ask her if the comic book character that she is talking about is Marvel (meaning Marvel Comics) or DC (meaning DC Comics).  Yeah apparently they are two different things and asking such a thing is completely asinine.  (Imagine her horror when I showed up as a modified Black BatGirl to her Miss Captain America on Halloween!  Eeek!) She loves comic books and is really into Marvel characters… Iron Man, ummm Agent Carter, Agents of the Shield, Nick Fury, Captain America, Thor… all of them. She is the youngest of 4 and her oldest brother was also a comic book fan.  

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Real Talk: The Joys & Challenges of Motherhood

Kee Kee Kids 2

When I look into the faces of my children, they are reminders of years of deep, passionate love my husband and I have for one another. My children are products of true love. I witness the unity in their bond as I hear roars of laughter spilling out throughout the house while they play Xbox … Read more

Mommy Natural Hair Confession Series #1: I Combed Out My Daughter’s Locs

Unlocking Locd hair

This is a story about one mother and her daughter’s decision to change her hair. About a month ago. I conducted an interview with Tiffany and her daughter Kody.  Kody decided in December 2013 to have her locs combed out or “unlocked”. Prior to combing them out Kody’s hair had been loc’d for 2 years. … Read more

#MamasMashup – Hot Topics & Twitter Chats for Moms by Moms


Have you heard about Mama’s Mashup?  Oh let me tell you about it!  Its a Monday night twitter party hosted by 3 very cool moms that get together to discuss mom related hot topics!  They start the discussion each month by posting subject matter that is submitted by their fans on their respective websites, then … Read more

My Mother Taught Us How to Rise Above It

DSCF8268 edited

Whenever I have to think about someone who I admire, I never have to think long because my mother always comes to mind.  My mother had me at the tender age of 17 and somehow she still managed to raise and nurture me and my sister using the wisdom of a grown woman.  She did … Read more

Transitioning Movement by Carol’s Daughter

Transitioning Movement

I am so pleased to announce that I have been selected as a contributor to  Transitioning Movement is an awesome site created by Carol’s Daughter.  Lisa Price of Carol’s Daughter’s Products has been a pioneer and leader in the natural hair product market for years.  In fact, her products were some of the first … Read more

5 Reasons Why Little Girls Need Daddies Too!


I love this picture so much.  It’s of my daughter and her father, my husband, at her 5th grade graduation. I am nearly brought to tears every time I look at it.  Seeing the confidence in her gaze and the security in her eyes as her father gently kisses her head… It opens old wounds … Read more