My Child is Not Bad: Diagnosing ADHD and Other Behavior Disorders


I have an eight year old son that struggles with behavioral issues and focusing. We began to see the signs at the tender age of four. The teacher began to complain about him “raging” after he lost focus and was told to stop whatever he was doing.

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Sistah’s Poetry Corner: Beautiful – A Self Love Poem For Kids

Beautiful Children

Its important that our children are reminded of their beauty and intelligence every day. Beautiful by Keianna Johnson Beautiful I am. I am beautiful. No matter where I go, I know I am beautiful. Made by the hands of God. God don’t make mistakes. I am fearfully and wonderfully made. Intelligent I am. I am … Read more

What Would You Do If Someone Relaxed Your Child’s #NaturalHair Without Permission?

Natural Hair Little Girl

For the second time in the past few weeks I’ve been told similar horror stories.  In both situations children with natural hair were sent for short visits with relatives and were returned with relaxed hair!  In the first story the mom sent her two daughters to be with their dad and stepmom for Spring Break … Read more

{Book Review + Give Away} The Jupiter Strong Book Series

Jupiter Strong & The Lunch Lion

Let me start by saying that this is my very first book review of any kind.  The Jupiter Strong Book Series is this AMAZING AMAZING set of children’s books that are positive, family focused, fun and educational.  Written by Frank Edwards IV & and illustrated by Kelly Abel these richly detailed and wonderfully written books tell … Read more

Real Talk: The Joys & Challenges of Motherhood

Kee Kee Kids 2

When I look into the faces of my children, they are reminders of years of deep, passionate love my husband and I have for one another. My children are products of true love. I witness the unity in their bond as I hear roars of laughter spilling out throughout the house while they play Xbox … Read more

Introducing The Sistah Cafe’s Newest Contributor – Keianna Johnson

Keianna Johnson

I am so very pleased to introduce you to The Sistah Cafe’s newest contributor!  Introducing Keianna Johnson.  Some of you may already know who Keianna is since she has been the Social Information Contributor for Our Natural Kids since 2010.  Keianna also goes by “KeeKee”.  Let me tell you a little bit about her. Keianna … Read more

Hip Hop Moms Put Down Lyrics About MotherHood

HipHop Moms

I can’t get enough of these to suburban Hip Hop moms!  Slick background beats (a Girl on Fire remix!), amazing hooks and lyrics that are well spit!  Listen to them as they break down motherhood like never before!  I especially love the cameo’s with the babies dancing and mom riding by slow in the mini … Read more

Does Racism Still Exist In America?

The Sistah Cafe

Of course it does!!  And now I will tell you why the United States is having its BEST WEEK EVER…for Racism that is… Paula Deen admits to using the “N” word. The Supreme Court strikes down federal oversight on voting regulation for the South Afro Puffs banned at Ohio School The Supreme Court puts the … Read more

Our Natural Kids presents ~ KiDz BoXx!

KiDz BoXxaa

It’s here.  It’s here.  It’s finally here! Yes every one KiDz BoXx is here!! What is KiDz BoXx? KiDz BoXx!  Is a non subscription based “Box Program” specifically for kids with Natural Hair! What Makes KiDz BoXx Different from Other “Box Programs”? KiDz BoXx! is JUST for Kids!  The contents of each box has been … Read more