{{RECAP}} Women Entrepreneurs Rock Conference 2014 – #WERock2014

WeRock Team

It was absolutely my pleasure to be an integral part of this years Women’ Entrepreneurs Rock Conference!  #WERock2014 took place here in Atlanta on November the 15th.  This conference had everything, Speakers, Sponsors, Panelists, Vendors, SWAG, Interactive Activities and more! As the Social Media Manager/Sponsorship Coordinator for this event, I worked in direct collaboration with … Read more

Sistahs Do Brunch (Women Entrepreneurs Rock Edition) #SistahsDoBrunch #WERock2014

Sistahs Do Brunch We Rock

This edition of Sistahs Do Brunch was very special.  This time we focused on women entrepreneurs and invited them to join us for an afternoon of empowerment, connection and idea sharing. Scheduled in conjunction with the Women Entrepreneurs Rock Conference, this private and intimate micro event was packed with power!  The location was Ruth’s Chris … Read more

Women Entrepreneurs Rock Conference 2014 {#WeRock2014}

We Rock 2014

Women Entrepreneurs Rock Conference 2014 {#WeRock2014} is coming soon!  On November 15th, 2014 women from all across the country will convene in Atlanta for a day of education, workshops, speakers and hosts.  The focus is simple:  We are bringing women together to learn from one another and to have face to face interactions that will … Read more

{{RECAP}} Pink Power: A Mastermind Conference for Women – Atlanta 2014 (#PPMC2014)

Pink Power Conference Flyer

Pink Power:  A Mastermind Conference for Women TOOK OVER Atlanta!  Held August 14-15 this conference was everything.  The two masterminds behind this event were Felicia Phillips of Fillips International, Inc. and Kim N. Carswell.  What they were able to do for not only the city of Atlanta but for each and every participant was nothing short … Read more

How I Turned My Job Elimination Into The Opportunity of A Lifetime!

Whose Shoes

This post is part of Whose Shoes Blog Tour which I am excited to be a part of along with many other inspiring bloggers. To learn more and to join us as we tell the world how we walk boldly in our own shoes, CLICK HERE!   When I lost my job 14 months ago I was … Read more