How to Stretch Natural Hair Using Bantu Knots


As the mother of a teenage daughter I am constantly on the look out for ways to style her hair naturally without using heat or chemicals.  She has a head full of thick gorgeous hair and up until now she has been satisfied to wear her hair in twists, braids and/or plaits. She is older now and will be entering high school soon so we have been experimenting with loose styles and trying out appropriate styles for teens with natural hair.  I have taken great care of my daughter’s hair throughout the years and it hangs below her waist when it’s wet.  Shrinkage quickly camouflages the fact that she has any length at all with her hair shrinking up to her shoulders when it goes from wet to dry.

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#NaturalHair for Young Men

Natural Hair for Men

My son was home from college for a week during the holidays.  He is a young man with natural hair. By that I mean that he has grown his hair out, and there are no chemical processes applied. He often wears it in an afro, twists, or just a nappy look (which I adore).  Everyone … Read more

Who’s The Master? The Ultimate Natural Hair and Loc Competition

Shea Locs

Atlanta Premiere Loc Studio, Shea Locs Natural Hair Studio, put on their Annual Who’s The Master? The Ultimate Natural Hair and Loc Competition and it was awesome!  It had a very futuristic theme and the music, fashion show and beautiful hairstyles were really amazing.  I was there as a guest blogger along with YouTube Natural … Read more

My New Natural Hair Journey: Locs!

 Isabelle 11 months after her 1st big chop. A "good hair" day

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve woken up with a sore neck from purposefully sleeping at odd angles in order not to ruin my curls/twist-outs. Or how many nights I stayed up into the early hours of the morning, twisting my hair to perfection, just so that it would look “presentable” the next … Read more

Our Visit To The Good Hair Shop!

The Good Hair Shop

My daughter and I spent a glorious afternoon with Kiyomi Rollins, Stylist & Owner of The Good Hair Shop. The Good Hair Shop is a heat free, natural hair salon here in metro Atlanta.  Their motto is…”here, everybody has good hair!”  This neat little shop is located off of MLK in a bustling business building. … Read more

JessiCurl – A Natural Hair Company That Cares

Jessicurl Ad

Back in February 2013, my daughter and I attended a Fro Fashion Week sanctioned, natural hair function for kids and Jess McGuinty of Jessicurl was there as a participant and sponsor.  In a round table discussion, I shared some of the trials and tribulations that my daughter had been going through at school regarding her … Read more

SummerTime Natural Hair Style for Kids!


Summertime is here and with it comes many fun activities. For kids with Natural Hair it’s important to find a style that will work for YOUR child. Whether your child is active or not, it should be closely maintained in the summertime.  In the South temps are above 90 nearly everyday in the Spring and Summer. My LittleChick has … Read more