3 Fashionable Protective Styles for Teens With #NaturalHair

Happy New Year!  Are you and your teenage daughter looking for cute long lasting protective hairstyles to rock throughout the year?. Here are 3 favorites for my teenage clients:

(Note:  All three of these protective styles have additional hair added.

Marley/Havana Twist.

The difference between these two popular hairstyles are the ends of the hair. Marley Twist have straight ends while Havana Twist ends are sealed with a curl. Marley/Havana Twist are the easiest hairstyle to install when done properly. Paying close attention making sure the natural hair isn’t pulled to tight, especially around the hairline. Depending on the size, Marley/Havana Twist can take up to 4 hours to install. The larger the twist, the less number of packs of hair you will need to purchase. The smaller the twist, the more packs of hair you will need. My clients love medium twist. On average I use 10 packs per client. Buyer beware! Marley/Havana Twist packs cost between $3 -$5 dollars (up to $50, give or take depending on what brand of hair you purchase) Marley/Havana Twist last 4 weeks.


Crochet Braids.

Crochet Braids had everyone going bananas all summer long! It’s no wonder many teens are still requesting to wear this hairstyle. On average, a Crochet Braids installation takes about 2 hours depending on the size of the cornrows. You can choose any brand of hair you like. I recommend purchasing 3 packs of hair to be safe. If you have some extra hair left over, simply save it for retouching. Crochet Braids last between 4 to 6 weeks.


Boxed Braids.

Boxed Braids are the most requested protective hairstyle among teens. Often called Individual Braids. There are many different varieties of Boxed Braids which can be worn creatively. For instance the 3 photo’s below: Teen A’s boxed braids are medium in size, while teen B’s braids are small. For an extra added bonus for trendy teens, shaving the hair on one side turns a simple hairstyle into something chic. Depending on size, Boxed Braids can last between 6 to 8 weeks.

Teen A:  Larger Boxed Braids 



Teen B:  Smaller Boxed Braids


Whichever hairstyle your teen chooses to wear for the new year, always choose safety first. Tight braids/twist are not recommended. Beauty is not pain! The over all purpose of wearing a protective hairstyling is to protect the natural hair while giving it a break from frequent hair styling.

What is your teen favorite protective hairstyle? Which of these protective hairstyles listed above would you allow your teen to wear?

Keianna Johnson aka “KeeKeeAllNatural” is a certified Natural Hair Care, Braiding and Lock Technician. She was certified through Madam Walker’s Braids, Lockery & School. She is also the owner of Chi Chi Sophistication Natural Hair Care Studio which specializing in natural hair care and braiding for children. She currently holds the position as Local Coordinator for the DMV Area for Ebraiding.net an organization geared towards uplifting the standards and professionalism of certified professionals in the braiding & natural hair Industry. KeeKee is a TRUE natural hair care advocate and she is also a blogger. You can find her beautiful work with children’s hairstyles featured in SANATA International Hair Braiding Magazine, MidWest Black Hair Magazine and Encore HD Hair Magazine.