Sistah Spotlight!!: Natural Hair Freedom

Back in 2010 I used to do this bi monthly blog feature called “Sistah Spotlight”.  It was a way to showcase women that I thought were accomplishing wonderful things and also a way to promote what they were doing through my blog.  I decided to bring this back to my blog for 2015.  Each month I will feature an African American woman that I think is doing great things both in social media and also face to face.  I believe that it is time to shine the spotlight on the real stars in our communities!!  I hope you enjoy!

natural hair freedom Carnella Harvey

For our very first Sistah Spotlight of the year, I’d like to shine the light on the creator of Natural Hair Freedom.  Please allow me to introduce you to Ms.  Carnella “Coco Natural” Harvey –  Social Worker by day Community Organizer by night!  Natural Hair Freedom is a wonderful company that hosts various educational, natural hair networking events throughout the year here in Atlanta.  These events are always well received and packed with attendees.  I have attended a few of them and can vouch for the fact that these gatherings are always organized, positive and informative. Ms. Harvey is passionate about other naturals.  In 2010, she started out like a lot of us new naturals did with a blog and Youtube videos.  As she continued her journey she began to notice what was missing in the natural hair community.  When designing the concept for Natural Hair Freedom all she wanted to do was create events that were more inclusive of the natural hair woman.  She wanted real connections to happen through adult interaction.  What started out as a hobby quickly turned into a business.

natural hair freedom event

Natural Hair Freedom strives to increase the camaraderie within the natural hair & beauty community by hosting social networking meetups and events throughout the year. ~Carnella Harvey

Carnella is super sweet and always smiling whenever I see her.  I like what she is doing for the natural hair community.  It is always a pleasure to see my sistah’s gathering together for positive engagement. I really enjoyed interviewing her for this post.  If you are looking for a great way to spend an afternoon check out Natural Hair Freedom. They host brunches, product swaps, vision board parties, charity events, fund raisers and more!

Natural hair freedom events

Natural Hair Freedom’s 3rd Annual Brunch is happening on April 26th, 2015 and Early Bird tickets are already on sale!  Click here for tickets and more details.

Stay tuned for Carnella’s new vision that’s coming to light!  Thrifting Princess Plus

You can find Natural Hair Freedom on Facebook

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Click here for their listing of upcoming Natural Hair Freedom events.

Natural Hair Freedom is looking for volunteers!  If interested email:

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