WHY!? Trying to Understand Social Injustice & Why It Exists

why-understanding-social-injusticeIn a world of evident injustice it’s sad when you wake up early to see so many people of color who look just like you constantly and consistently brutally murdered for just being caught at the wrong place at the wrong time… or shall I be honest being caught in the wrong place while being the wrong COLOR.

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Sistah Spotlight!!: Natural Hair Freedom

natural hair freedom Carnella Harvey

Back in 2010 I used to do this bi monthly blog feature called “Sistah Spotlight”.  It was a way to showcase women that I thought were accomplishing wonderful things and also a way to promote what they were doing through my blog.  I decided to bring this back to my blog for 2015.  Each month … Read more

Fusion Teen Talk Show Episode 2: No Bullying Allowed


It was my pleasure to attend the screening of Episode 2 of Fusion Teen Talk Show: No Bullying Allowed with my daughter. This was presented at Woodruff Arts Center here in Atlanta and I must say that the hosts, producers and directors did a wonderful job.  My daughter and I checked out the event at … Read more

Childish Gambino Covers P.M. Dawn’s “I’d Die Without You”

PM Dawn

You must understand how it makes my heart smile to hear one of these kids remake a song that I jammed to like crazy when I was younger.  I promise you that I was the only devout P.M. Dawn fan that I ever knew of.  Back in the days before the internet, Napster, iTunes and … Read more