Real Talk: The Joys & Challenges of Motherhood

When I look into the faces of my children, they are reminders of years of deep, passionate love my husband and I have for one another. My children are products of true love. I witness the unity in their bond as I hear roars of laughter spilling out throughout the house while they play Xbox together. I recognize the trust they have for me in keeping my word and in my ability to keep them safe. I see loyalty in their eyes. I know my children love their parents.

Kee Kee Kids 2

My children ages range between 1-year to 13-years-old. They are a bunch of amusing, wild and kooky kids. I keep a bottle of Advil in my purse because they are professionals at working my last nerve. When they are nice to one another, they are super nice. But a brawl could breakout at any moment over something as small as a piece of paper being missing from a coloring book. I never take off my referee t-shirt. They can go from zero to ten in seconds. There is never a dull moment in my life being a mother of 5 children.

Yes, my children are crazy but they love me and want to see me win. Operating Chi Chi Sophistication Natural Hair Care Studio is a family affair. All hands are on deck, including my children. My children clean hair off the floors and chairs in between clients. They also take out the trash and put away toys left behind by my younger clients. My children helping out with the little things help keeps our natural hair studio running smoothly. Their helping hands give my sister and I the opportunity to focus on other things. We pay them for their hard work. They enjoy collecting their coins. Teamwork makes the dream work!

In all honesty, Motherhood is one of the most challenging experiences of my life. Especially when 2 out of 5 are on the Autism Spectrum. Being a mom forces me to tackle situations head on whether I am ready for the challenge or not. Teaching my children hard lessons doesn’t always come easy to me, but showing them how to make an honest living has been the best hands on experience. Allowing them to help out in my sister & I hair studio will be a lesson that will sustain them for a lifetime. I am not a perfect mother, but I am doing the best I can in raising them to sow hard work and reap the fruit of their labor. Above all that I try to do in raising them I want my children to know that I love them. And although they sometimes drive me nuts, I know they love me too.

 What are some of the joys & challenges of Motherhood that you have experienced?

Keianna Johnson aka “KeeKeeAllNatural” is a certified Natural Hair Care, Braiding and Lock Technician. She was certified through Madam Walker’s Braids, Lockery & School. She is also the owner of Chi Chi Sophistication Natural Hair Care Studio which specializing in natural hair care and braiding for children. She currently holds the position as Local Coordinator for the DMV Area for an organization geared towards uplifting the standards and professionalism of certified professionals in the braiding & natural hair Industry. KeeKee is a TRUE natural hair care advocate and she is also a blogger. You can find her beautiful work with children’s hairstyles featured in SANATA International Hair Braiding Magazine, MidWest Black Hair Magazine and Encore HD Hair Magazine.