Winter Skin Care Made Easy With Rite Aid

This post was sponsored by Mirum for Rite Aid.  All opinions are my own.


You can feel it in the air.  The humidity levels have dropped.  You notice changes in your skin and hair.  Maybe cracked skin on the hands and feet.  Or brittle dryness on the hair.  Winter is coming and there is nothing you can do to stop it.  Mother Nature has spoken and it is what it is.   And so we must “winterize”.  In other words, We must make our Winter skin ready for dryer air and cooler temps.  Much like we winterize our homes and cars we also have to do the same for our skin and hair.  No matter what you are experiencing Rite Aid has a product that can help.


When it comes to choosing the right products for your needs and the needs of your family Rite Aid should be your one stop shop!!  They’ve got deals and specials going on right now that you can take instant advantage of.

At Rite Aid you can get everything that you need for your skin and hair. Here are some examples,

For Skin

Vaseline Intensive Care Cocoa Radiant with pure cocoa butter actually has droplets of Vaseline jelly in it for only 5.99 (20.3 oz)! Perfect for hydrating your skin.



For Hair

Don’t let the cold temps wreak havoc on your hair!  TRESemme Stylers and 28oz shampoos and conditioners are great for chemically processed and damaged hair.  It is formulated with Biotin and starts restoring right away .

For Face

Simple, POND’s, Noxzema and St. Ives will keep your face clean and winterized!  Making it soft to the touch.  Your skin will be safe!  The NEW Simple Cleansing Facial Wipes are great for removing make up.  I also like to keep a pack in my handbag.  They work very well for when I might want to freshen up my face on the go.  The packaging keeps them moist and fresh so they are the perfect handy wipe to have when you are out and about and need to wipe your hands too! The best thing about them is that Simple products contain no artificial perfumes, colors or harsh chemicals. Buy 2 get the 3rd FREE.


For Body

Caress Body washes are my fav!  Bright vibrant fragrances keep you alert and the Winter doldrums away while making your skin feel silky smooth.  The 13.5 – 18 oz are only running $3.99!  I better hurry and get over there!

The beautiful thing is that you only need to look as far as your local newspaper to receive these deals.  The BEST thing is that all you have to do is find a location near you!  Act fast and make sure double check your local news paper for MORE deals like and additional .75 off Vaseline Intensive Care Cocoa Radiant

To find a Rite Aid  near you

Act fast!  These offers are only valid 11/12 – 11/19/17

What is your normal winter skin care regimen?


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