Whiskies of the World Changed My Mind About Brown Liquor!!

This post was sponsored by Whiskies of the World.  All opinions are my own.


Let me start by saying that I’m a new whisky drinker! I am also a new whisky lover thanks to Whiskies of the World Atlanta!  This event completely changed my mind about brown liquor!

Brown liquor is any dark colored liquor like whisky, rum and bourbon.  My culture believes that Brown Liquor does something to you. Unlike your traditional “white” liquors like vodka, gin and tequila, brown liquor has been known to make you get into mischief, cause fights and even gives you super human strength.  Yep, I have always been told to stay away from it, therefore, I never developed a taste palette for it.  Until today.


Originating in San Francisco, Whiskies of the World is now a series of five hugely popular whisky festivals taking place in California, Texas and Georgia. Whiskies of the World offers guests the opportunity to taste superlative whiskies and to meet the outstanding personalities of the whisky world. Featuring whiskies from Scotland, Ireland, the USA, Canada, Japan and Australia, Whiskies of the World will surprise even the most savvy connoisseur.

This year’s Atlanta event was held at the Westin in Buckhead and was to benefit North Atlanta Rotary Foundation.  I was happy to be in attendance as Media with my plus one/cousin, Jozette Dowdell.

It was a true exploration of tastes and flavors!  I had no idea that whisky tasted so good and it came in so many different varieties.

Check out my periscope intro to the whole event BEFORE is started my whisky tasting adventure!


I enjoyed learning about the barreling process the most and how some whiskies are cured in used wine barrels.  To obtain certain coloring and flavor barrels that were once used to store port wine, cabernets and merlots get a second life when used to contain whisky.  This makes for wonderful flavoring and brings about explosive taste sensations all over your tongue!

They made sure that everyone had plenty to eat and water to drink which is a must if you are going to spend two days drinking whisky.  The Pasta Bar was amazing with your choice of pasta, meat and toppings made to order.  Various, nuts, cheeses and pastries were also present to fill your belly

At Whisky events you get to meet people from all walks of life including distillers and brand ambassadors. There are no strangers.

Here are some of the other Whisky “Basics” that I learned:

Malt Whiskey – is made entirely from malted barley and distilled in a onion shaped pot still.

Rye Whisky – is at least 51% Rye and aged in new charred oak barrels—> Boy do I like RYE WHISKEY!

Bourbon – is an American Whisky made from at least 51% corn.  Straight Bourbon is aged at least two years

There was so much to learn and it had to be done with the hot taste of mostly 80+ proof Whisky on my tongue!  We tasted Hot Whisky, Sweet Whisky, Fruit Flavored Whisky and even Whisky encased in Chocolate!

The Rye whiskies really stood out to me.  I don’t know why exactly but there was something about the flavor. But this Peach & Lemon flavored whiskey by R.M. Rose  was my Overall Favorite!

RM Rose Co


Whiskies of the World is about more than just the tasting.  There were Whisky Master Classes that offered guided tastings,Whisky Mixology and Cigar/Whisky Pairings. There was so much more to offer.  In fact, I am naming this as one of my yearly Must Do events!  You simply must attend to understand the gravity of it!  Thank you Whiskies of the World for opening my eyes to a whole new world of spirits!! Brown Spirits!!

Want to see more pics of Whiskies of the World Atlanta?  Head to Whiskies of the World Facebook page.

For more information on Whiskies of the World Events, check out there website WhiskiesoftheWorld.com

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