Straightening Virgin Natural Hair – The LittleChick Gets Her Hair Straightened!


If you don’t know who she is then you obviously weren’t into natural hair and Youtube back in 2010.  My daughter aka “The LittleChick” grew up on YouTube with me behind her doing her natural hair for all of the world to see.   In fact she was one of the first little brown skinned girls demonstrating Natural Hair styles and techniques on YouTube at the time.

THROWBACK: Her first video

Our goal was to teach parents to learn and appreciate their child’s hair in order to promote self acceptance. Well that was 7 years ago and The LittleChick is a teenager now and loves to explore new styles.

Since my daughter was born I have kept her hair completely natural never applying any chemical straighteners or heat.  Once I learned how to do her hair I applied only twists and braids using natural oils and butters.  I kept a regular routine and adjusted her regimen as necessary.  Now that she is a teenager she desires to try different things namely wearing natural hair loose.  Recently, she asked about straightening virgin natural hair.  Questions like:

If I get it straightened can I go back to natural?

What happens if it gets wet?

How long is my hair when its straight?

I answered all of her questions and also agreed to let her get her hair straightened.  Not a relaxer but straightened with a flat iron temporarily.  It didn’t take long for me to respond with a YES. I mean what’s the point of maintaining and growing out her hair if she cant have any fun with it?  Today I am going to talk to you about the process, method and tools to use when straightening virgin natural hair.

Straightening Virgin Natural Hair

Get a Professional

First things first.  I didn’t want anything burning, stripping or otherwise damaging my daughters hair. So I know that I need the right supplies and products to make this happen.  First, I called on my sister who is a licensed beautician.  This was too big of a job for me and I have no experience in this area.  In cases like these its better to call in a professional.  Make sure that it is somebody that you know and trust. Don’t just take your child anywhere.  Don’t assume that everyone is going to do the right thing.  Ask questions and be careful.



We chose Sistah Buttah All Natural Shea Butter Blend and Mixed Chicks products for this straightening task. We used Sistah Buttah to treat my daughter’s dry scalp and also as an emollient during the detangling process.  We chose Mixed Chicks namely because we have been using Mixed Chicks products on our hair for years and know its value and quality.  Also, because Mixed Chicks carries products that are used for temporary straightening.  We used Mixed Chicks Shampoo, Deep Conditioner and Leave In Conditioner for the washing process and then the Straightening Serum and Hair silk for the straightening process.



My sister used a flat iron, a rat tail comb, hair clips and a wide tooth comb


On freshly washed, detangled and air dried hair my daughters scalp was treated with Sistah Buttah Shea Butter Blend and then my sister applied the Mixed Chicks Straightening Serum as she ran the flat iron through section by section.  She was very careful to leave the iron on a low setting so as not to burn or damage her hair. Bone straight was not our goal.

Hey! Shrinkage is real.


As I said earlier this is her very first time getting her hair straightened.  The end result is gorgeous waist length hair.  I am so glad that I followed my heart and spent the time necessary to keep her natural and to give her a beautiful healthy head of hair to go into adult hood with.  She was very happy with it but ready to go back to her curls after about a week! Since we took the care necessary to protect her hair during the process it went right back to its curly state with no problems!

Straightening Virgin Natural Hair is easy if you know what to do!  Check out her comb through!

It takes a lot of my time and energy to maintain her hair, but I don’t mind.  My goal was to teach her 1st to accept what God gave her and 2nd to be true to her self no matter what and I think I’ve done that.  The reward is a child with high self esteem and long luxurious hair! Let me add also that she is an honor roll student and very active in her school and community.  Self acceptance is everything!




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