3 Ways to Buy Black!!

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There are waaaay too many Black owned business out there for us to act like we don’t have quality goods and services available.  Make sure you “Buy Black” every day!  not just on Black Friday or when a major brand pisses you off!  Every day!  It would take me forever to list the name of every  Black owned business that I know so first I am going to give you 3 Ways to Buy Black and then I am going to give you a brief listing of Black Owned Businesses that I support not just on Black Friday but every day!

3 Ways to Buy Black 

1. Look up goods and services that you would normally buy and find a Black business to get the same thing from.

There are Black owned companies that produce things that you need daily.  I have listed some below.

2.  Check out your friends who have small businesses.

I know you have seen them on your timelines! Pick 3 and Buy Black!

3. Share the names of Black business that you know about with your friends.

Word of mouth is EVERYthing when it comes to advertising Black Business.  Use your voice or platform to spread the word.  Its the best way.

Where to Buy Black

Skin Care/Hair Care

Sistah Buttah

All Natural Shea Butter Blend for skin and hair.  This 100% all natural product is really all you need.  Comes in 5 beautiful natural fragrances and is wonderful for eczema relief.  See also Brotha Buttah for men.


Koils By Nature

Koils By Nature has EVERYthing that you need to nourish your hair, skin, beard and more!  It is one of my favorite go to natural hair products.

Social Media Consulting and Training


TSC Social Media Consulting 

A FULL Service Social Media Consulting Firm offering Social Media Training, Social Media Management, Professional Blogging, Content Creation, Sponsored Post Writing, Promotions and more.

McIvy Media

A Global Marketing Agency specializing in Social Media, Social Media Concierge Services, Photography, Brand Management, and Influencer Collaborations.


Just Lovely Lipstick

I adore her all natural lipsticks. They enrich the skin on your lips and come in amazing colors.


The Beauty of an Ugly Start by Ella Rucker

12 Simple Reasons to Get Over Yourself and Take Your Idea to Market today!


Genre: Urban Arts

A Magazine for Creatives Who Dont Mind Curse Words and Fine Art.  This publication is made for creatives by creatives and showcases little known artists from every genre all over the country.


My Dream Year Manifestation Journal  by Bernetta Style.  There is power in writing things down!

Whose Shoes 2018 Transformational Planner – Featuring 12 Women and 12 Months of Inspiration!


Ayana Glaze Jewelry

If you want to know what her jewelry looks like or the quality of it.  Just follow my ears!  You’ll always find a pair of her earrings dangling.  She makes bracelets, necklaces as well with quality metals and stones.

Information Technology

Brotha Tech

Terrance Gaines aka “Brotha Tech” is my go to for all technical needs whether it be my iPhone or my computer.  He keeps me up and running and makes sure all of my products stay safe with his backup options.  He is Certified Apple Technology Officer and has a great offer going on now for a FREE technical assessment that will put your business on a SOLID Tech foundation.  To learn more: Click Assess My Tech


Snazzy Cakes

The reason why my ass is so fat.  Her desserts are divine and I just can’t say no to them! Sweet Potato pies, cakes, cookies and more


Smooth Me Spa – Atlanta

At Smooth Me Spa prepare yourself to be pampered and spoiled.  Esthetist Felicia Taylor, has to calming spirit and voice of an angel.  Her blessed touch will help you release all negativity, stress and tension.  This is an Atlanta based spa that offers a variety of Spa services including Facial Massage, Foot Detox, Lashes and more.

Natural Hair Accessories

Puff Cuff

If you or your baby have a lot of natural hair and you are tired of trying to get those hair band in or out with out popping you in the face.  This is the device you need.  Puff Cuff will help you gather all those pretty curls up, nice and neat on the top of your head!


I featured this beautiful family on the site earlier this year.  These Hair Bows have a snap that prevents them from getting lost!  Genius.  Read my article about this family to learn more.  Meet the Creators of Gabby Bows

Latched and Hooked

The #1 spot for natural looking synthetic hair!



McBride Sisters

These 2 African American women own their own wine company and the wine is simply divine.  Look for Truvee wines at your local wine/spirit shop and click here to read:  Tasting Wine with the McBride Sisters to learn more about this amazing sisterhood!




Savîle Premium Rumtini

Savîle Premium Rumtini is a deliciously fruity cocktail that is both light and refreshing.  Served chilled or served over ice it takes you to the islands with one sip. I had the pleasure of working with it’s creator, Dee Tutt to discuss what led her to her dream that was 30 years in the making!  Check out her feature here!  Pour the perfect cocktail every time with Savîle Premium Rumtini.  Great News!  Savîle Premium Rumtini can now be shipped in 46 states through it’s online retailers listed on their website.


True Laundry Detergent

Plant based Laundry Soap that is environmentally safe for the earth and the entire family!



Russells Gourmet Coffee

I am a huge fan of Russell’s Gourmet Coffee.  His original blends remind me of all the good things in life when I taste them.  He has a wide variety of blends to choose from and quick delivery.


If you are in Atlanta… I have compiled an entire list of Black Owned and Operated restaurants in the area.  Just Click Here:  The SistahChick’s List of Best Places to Eat in Atlanta

I hope you find this article helpful.  As African Americans, we must support each other By Any Means Necessary. This is one of the reasons why I dedicate this site to celebrating the positive aspects of African American culture.  If there are businesses that you know about that are not listed, please feel free to share them in the comments below and let’s BUY BLACK together!

What are some of your favorite Black Owned Businesses?

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