Natural Skin Care – The Oil Cleansing Method #OCM


There are many alternative methods of cleaning your face besides harsh cleansers and water.  The Oil Cleansing method uses natural oils to cleanse your skin.  That’s right OIL!  The jist of it is this, instead of stripping all of the natural oils from your face like you do when using most of the popular commercial skin care regimens, you use oil to clean it.   The Oil Cleansing Method uses nutrient filled oils that are similar to the natural oils that your skin carries. By gently massaging them into your skin this method naturally removes impurities.  This massage followed by a good steam to open the pores, leaves your skin feeling naturally soft, smooth & healthy. If you want to know more about the whys to how this work…. google it.  You will find that with a little bit of research you can come up with a recipe that will work for you. But here is what worked for me and my T-Zone/oily skin.

Extra Virgin Olive Oil ~ This is a thick and nutrient filled oil that adds vitamins A & E (antioxidants) to your skin.
Castor Oil ~ The actual cleansing part of this method its good for removing impurities. The oil is thick and carries the other oils. If you use too much of this, you could actually end up drying out your skin.
Jojoba Oil ~ This oil is light and is the oil that most closely matches our skins natural sebum. It is very absorbant, so using it by itself would probably make your skin oily since it absorbs so fast. When you use it with the other oils though it becomes restorative.
Tea Tree Oil ~ is an anti inflammatory as well as an antiseptic. Adding this soothes the skin and calms any outbreaks that you may have and it also helps to preserve the blend.
I blend all of this together and keep it in an air tight container and use it 2x a day.  Here is how.
I pour a dime sized amount of the blended oils into the palm of my hand. I rub my hands together to emulsify the oils. This gets them nice and warm for my face. I then slowly massage my face.
I soak a wash cloth in hot water (careful! not too hot) and lay it on my face until it cools and then gently wipe. I do this 3x or until i feel the oil is wiped away sufficiently. I follow with a cool water rinse (to close the pores) as well as a homemade toner.
Here is a video tutorial of how I blended my oils for the Oil Cleansing Method

This combination works perfectly for my oily skin. After using for about 8 weeks I have noticed the following:
~Increased elasticity in my skin (40+’ers will understand)
 ~Decreased amount of outbreaks
~Rapidly fading darkspots
~Skin “appears” blemish free
Play around with your oils and come up with a perfect blend for yourself.  If you don’t have time to make your own you can head on over to The SistahChick’s Store and purchase yourself some Sistah Buttah (Original Scent).  Sistah Buttah (Original Scent) contains all of the oils mentioned above (in a Shea butter base).  It is already perfectly blended for The Oil Cleansing Method and comes ready for immediate use.

What is your daily cleansing routine for your face?



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