My Chevy Find New Roads Experience #FindNewRoads


I had one of the most THRILLING moments of my life with the Chevy team at the Chevy Find New Roads Experience!

Chevy Find New Roads Experience

I had no idea what to expect when I arrived at the Atlanta Motor Speedway for this event.  I have been to “Drive” events before that generally consist of a nice 5 minute ride around the building and a 2 minute spiel on the highlights of the vehicle.  This is experience was not that. The folks at Chevy provided a select group of Atlanta media way more.  This was a 6 hour event that started in the wee hours of the morning.  As we entered the parking lot of the Atlanta Motor Speedway we were greeted by a Chevy Representative who directed us to the main building.  Once we were checked in we were treated to a buffet style breakfast.  When breakfast was over we were loaded onto a charter bus and driven to a showroom on the raceway that housed a host of brand new Chevy vehicles.  At that showroom we watched a short presentation that informed us about Chevy Find New Roads and the direction that Chevrolet wants to go in giving it’s customers and it’s staff excellent driving experiences.  

our continued investment in revamping our entire showroom has made us the fastest-growing, retail full-line brand in the U.S. for two consecutive years and the industry’s most-awarded brand for three years in a row.

After the presentation was over we went to the track to drive! Short courses and stations were set up so that we could get the full experience of each vehicle.  We were able to ride in and/or drive 6 vehicles in all.  Each experience was different and highlighted the benefits of each vehicle.


Chevrolet Bolt EV

This all electric vehicle packs a punch!  We were each given a chance to drive the 2017 Chevy Bolt EV on a small course that was full of twists and turns.  They wanted us to get a feel for how this vehicle handles and also the power that it has. Even though its all electric the acceleration was great.  It has something called One-Pedal driving.  It has a paddle on the steering wheel that lets you brake and even stop. The shift only has Neutral Reverse and Drive.

The all digital dashboard keeps the driver well informed.


Silverado HD

This 3/4 ton vehicle has maximum towing capacity.  To demonstrate this we actually towed vehicles around the track.  I got to ride with Professional Driver, Dave, who made sure that all safety points were met during our drive.  Check out his thoughts on my first time towing something!

Colorado ZR2

The Colorado is excellent for off roading.  The course for this demonstration was full of bumps and dips.  All designed to show us how easily this truck handles rough terrain.  We had to get suited up for this drive complete with a harness and helmet.


It also has Multimatic™ shocks and front and rear electronic locking differentials that allow it to drive almost vertically! The simulated mountain drive was terrifying as you will see later in my video!

Camaro zL1

The purpose of this test drive was simple.  To show the power of this vehicle.  We got to burn some rubber for this one.  Again we were suited up for safety and paired with a Professional Driver.  He took us from zero to 75 in seconds.  The sheer force from that kind of acceleration made it impossible for me to film it.  But i did film other people while they took their ride.

All New 2018 Equinox

I am very familiar with this vehicle because my mom drives the 2015 version.  There were many very cool upgrades. It has a smaller body and more powerful engine for starters.  You could tell the difference when accelerating.  I loved the full sun roof that opens all the way to the back.  These interior colors really stood out.


I love this vehicle in terms of comfort and luxury.  It’s a cross over that’s worth taking a look at.

I got to meet Smiling Mark McKay from WSB-TV Morning Traffic Report!  He says he’s no celebrity.  I beg to differ!

Corvette Grand Sport

The very last test drive was in the Brand New Chevy Corvette Grand Sport.  Of course they want to show us the speed and handling of this vehicle. To do this they harnessed and helmeted us up again and handed us the keys.  Say what?  Yes I said it.  They gave us the keys and set us free on the Atlanta Motor Speedway!  As we listened to the Professional Driver instruct us via radio we trailed each other at speeds of up to 130 mph around the Speedway!  We took several laps before they guided us back in.  It was indeed one of the most exhilirating experiences of my life and I will never forget it.

This is a pic of me exiting the Corvette after driving it on the speedway!  As you can see I really enjoyed this ride!  s/o to the Chevy photog that captured this incredibly candid pic!


Our day ended with a nice paper bag lunch in one of the Atlanta Motor Speedway Sky Suites.  A perfect end to a perfect day.  Go check out Chevy’s amazing line of vehicles and create your own Chevy Find New Roads Experience!

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