My First Momocon Experience! #momocon2017


I attended MomoCon 2017 with my daughter this year and boy was it an experience to remember!

My First Momocon Experience!

The gaming, manga, anime, comic world is my daughter’s world, NOT MINE.  I love her and I wanted to know more about what she is into so I put on my Bat Girl costume and we rolled out.  This is not my first time utilizing events and activities in Atlanta to bond with my girl, you may remember the Deadpool experience.

MomoCon LLC was born from the hard work and dedication of a small group of committed people.  Split between anime/manga, gaming, comics and costuming, we strive to bring the very best aspects of these fandoms to our fellow fans.  From parents bringing their curious “young’uns” to the most dedicated old-schoolers, everyone is welcome.  Based out of Atlanta, extending Southern Hospitality is important to us.  We would like everyone to enjoy what we do best: having fun!

From my perspective Momocon is this magical place where people are free to be free.  No matter what you are into get with it and go to a “con” if you can.  There is no judgement, only other people who may or may not be into the same things that you are.

I saw people with elaborate costumes and some with costumes making simpler statements.  I saw people of all ages, races and genders enjoying a world that is free of judgement.

The folks at Momocon put together a VERY organized convention.  From check in to all the activities, we stayed busy the whole time.  The exhibit hall area was full of everything fidget spinner and fantasy related.  The convention lasted for 4 days.  Each day was jam packed with Meetups, Photo shoots, Video Game tournaments, Arcade play, competitions and more. Gaming included board gaming and card games too which I was happy about.  There were dozens of workshops on all 4 days with everything from Cosplay to Pokeman.


My daughter was there specifically to catch the Overwatch Voice Actor Panel.  The panel included Michael Chu, the Writer of Overwatch.  It also included Jonny Cruz the voice of “Lucio” and Matthew Mercer the voice of “McCree”.  My teen is a big “McCree” fan so she was excited about seeing the person behind his voice.  I can see why she likes the character so much because Matthew Mercer is simply dreamy.  Gah! Apparently he is also the voice behind characters from Final Fantasy XV, Resident Evil 6, Resident Evil Damnation and Attack on Titan.


It was fun to immerse myself in her world for a little while and an overall great experience for us both.  Did I mention that I got to walk around as Bat Girl?

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