Mother’s Day Escape with McBride Sisters Wine


When I heard that Robin & Andrea McBride were coming to Atlanta for an event, I knew I had to be there.  I met these two gorgeous sisters last Fall and tasted their wine with them so I was eager to see them again!  They put on a lovely Mother’s Day Escape that included a conversation with the McBride Sisters, wine and delicious bites.

Mother’s Day Escape with McBride Sisters Wine

The McBride Sisters are the “head siblings in charge” at Mcbride Sisters Wine, a female and African American owned wine company.  This year in conjunction with What She Said, they put on a Mother’s Day Escape Event that was everything a wine blogger like me could ask for!  It was held at the W Hotel in Buckhead.

Upon entering we were greeted with tastes of McBride Sisters Wine.  Next came the “create your own” Tulip Stand.  I’ve never seen this idea before.  It was very cool.  All you had to do was to gather together the vibrant tulips of your choice.  Twine and ribbon were provided.  Everyone got a bouquet.


We were then led into the What She Said conversation room.  The McBride Sisters told us their very interesting story of how they were sisters with different mothers who had found each other after their father died.  Without knowledge of one another and also world’s apart the two girls both developed a love of wine.  When they finally did meet it was a match made in heaven and the rest is history!

It is our passion to create your perfect wine experience.  -Robin and Andrea McBride


After we heard their story there was a brief Q & A.  Here was my question:

Do you have any advice for people who are considering working with family?

Robin: “We, to this day, say we are still making up for lost time. so we don’t have the same challenges that normal siblings have if you will”

Andrea: “When you work with your siblings it makes you really honest about what your strengths and your weaknesses are. and I think, luckily for us, were pretty complimentary in the true business sense where you know we have very distinct roles in terms of what we’re good at and what were not good at and this has synced to work out.  I think that had we our personalities been more similar it definitely would have been more of a challenge.”

Once the Q & A was over, we had plenty of time to socialize and to drink McBride Sisters Wines.

The thing that I loved most about the entire event was how down to earth Robin and Andrea were. They took the time before and after the event to get up close with the women who attended.  They took pictures and made sure that there was no hand without a glass of wine in it.  Everyone was all smiles and eager to go out and but these delicious blends.

My favorite was the Red Blend


Atlanta! Right now McBride Sisters Wine can be found in your local Kroger. Go and support these sisters!

How was your Mother’s Day?

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