3 Ways to Keep Up With Your Teenager’s Schedule

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As the mother of 5 children believe me I’ve had my share of scheduling mishaps!  There is nothing worse than showing up to the wrong school, for the wrong child, for the wrong event, on the wrong day!  LOL.  Trust me I’ve been there.  Luckily for my last child, my teen daughter, I’ve worked out all the kinks so that I can get this teenager’s schedule right!

As the youngest and only girl my daughter is fortunate to have both parents to herself since her brothers are all grown. This means that her schedule is a priority to her father and I.  One child means one schedule.  Easy right?  WRONG!  No Way! This girl is  3x more active in all things educational, athletic and social, than any of her brothers were. She participates in her high school marching band, volleyball, kickball, orchestra, National Honor’s Society and Future Business Leaders of America. Those are all extra curriculars that she does in addition to making good grades, helping with the gardening and attending social events with me. Hers is a busy schedule to keep up with!


From the time her pretty head wakes up and her feet hit the ground this little lady is on the move!  And there I am right behind her helping her keep up with it all.  She is good to go on most days.  Not so much on those days where mother nature takes over.  You know the days that I am talking about don’t you?  Those days that hit most of us once a month for 5 days.  Yes I am talking about her cycle.


Having a painful menstrual cycle can screw up any busy schedule unless you take the necessary precautions.  So to keep everything on time and on schedule we make sure that we keep Advil® Menstrual Pain in the house. Advil® Menstrual Pain helps to relieve all of the aches and pains associated with her period so that she can stay on track and function. (Use As Directed) We try to never run out but when we do, she knows exactly where to find it when we go to Walmart (Which helps her dad tremendously!)  My daughter knows that periods are a part of life.  But her periods don’t have to be painful.

In addition to menstrual cramps, Advil® Menstrual Pain also relieves headache and back pain.


Since it is the #1 Doctor recommended brand for menstrual pain and its free of caffeine and antihistamines and I like knowing  that.  Let’s face it, adolescence can be tricky. With Advil® Menstrual Pain around her comfort is one less thing I have to worry about.


3 Ways to Keep Up With Your Teenager’s Schedule


A good ol fashioned wall or desk calendar creates an instant visual of your teenager’s schedule.  “At A Glance” really works for us and allows everyone in the family to have access to add to the calendar.  Since my daughter has a different uniform for each activity we can make notes about what equipment she will need and plan.

Cell Phone

I have already raised 3 of my 5 before cell phones.  Having a cell phone gives my daughter instant access to us at all times.  If plans or schedules change for any of us we are able to text and call one another and adjust accordingly.


When you live in a major city like Atlanta, GPS is a must.  This allows us to get to all of her games and practices timely because we are not getting lost.

There are many more ways to keep up with your teenager’s schedule.  There is no need to stress about it.  As long as you figure out what works best for you and your family everything will run smoothly.


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What methods do you use to keep your teenager’s schedule on track?

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