TSP Game Plan: Getting My Business Back on Track


When I started my business back in 2013 I had just lost a job that I planned to retire from and I was hungry.  I was determined to never go back to a 9 – 5 and to succeed.  I successfully turned my hobby (blogging) into viable business.  The 1st couple of years went pretty good.  I developed a product as my main stream of income and various blogging opportunities as my 2nd.  Lately, I have been feeling like I have been losing focus as well as momentum as it pertains to my business.  I’m happy to say that I am still in business and have not had to go back to that dreaded 9-5 but I’ve been side tracked by things that have nothing to do with my brand.  These feelings among other things like life in general have affected my profits.  I told myself that in 2018 that I would only participate in opportunities that would enhance me.  When business guru, Lamar Tyler asked for volunteers for his energizing TSP Game Plan Event (Traffic Sales & Profit)  I signed up!


TSP Game Plan

I attended the Traffic Sales & Profit Flash Training here in Atlanta back in September so I was eager to start the year out on the right foot for my business by being present at TSP Game Plan.  TSP Game Plan is a 2 day Hands-on Workshop, hosted by Lamar Tyler of Tyler New Media.  The entire event is designed to to help attendees create a “Game Plan” for their businesses.

At the Traffic Sales & Profit – 2018 Game Plan event you’ll work hard over two full days of instruction to ensure you leave with a concrete plan of attack for the next 12 months in the areas of personnel, sales and marketing. trafficsalesandprofit.com

Volunteering was a small price to pay to even be in the room with some the best and brightest Black entrepreneurs in the nation.  Lamar Tyler and his wife, Ronnie have built an empire by practicing a lot of the techniques that were introduced during the training.  Here are some of the key points that stood out to me based on what I need for my business:

How to utilize Facebook Ads to make money and Facebook Groups to build your brand. Christine St. Vil of Mom’s N Charge did a great job of conveying the importance of brand building and how Facebook can be instrumental.

Sales Funnels.  Lamar Tyler introduced me to Sales Funnel by taking me through a great activity at the Flash Training so it was great to hear him expand on it.  Learning how to do this is a really concrete way to convert sales into cash.  We were also given tools to track what we learned and to gauge our results.

Gathering data and tracking information was a big “must do” as well as video marketing.


I got a lot from Ronnie Tyler’s talk on Project Management and how to control your day, week, month and year through strategic planning.  Staying on task and focused is my BIGGEST problem when it comes to running my business.  I get new ideas and I run off with them while completely abandoning projects of mine that are on brand and already making money.  The tools that we were given to stay on task helped tremendously. I also like what she said about using what your learned at your day job to enhance your business.

It was great to hear from all the other business owners in the room.  Lamar presents interactive sessions where people are encouraged to stand up and share their stories.  I learned a lot just by listening to other peoples wins and losses.

At the end of the day I was able to get what I needed from TSP Game Plan and more.  I started to implement what I’ve learned immediately but with a new vigor.  A sort of recharge, if you will, to bring me back into my lane and on my game.  I vow to stay on task, on brand and on time in 2018.  TSP Game Plan has given me the tools that I need to take my businesses to the next level.  I will be hitting the age of 50 soon and I will never be too old to revamp my goals and increase dreams.  I am making new plans and putting those plans into action.  Changes are already happening with more to come!  Stay tuned!   Thanks to Lamar & Ronnie and their team Chassidy Goggins, Stephanie Rollins. Aaliyah Kamala and volunteers Briana Ford and Mandi Buckner it was great to work with everyone on something so important and positive!

Check out my Periscope for my immediate reaction after TSP Game Plan.

If you are truly interested in growing your business and being around motivated peers who LOOK LIKE YOU… Traffic Sales & Profit with Lamar Tyler is where you need to be.  The next TSP Live Event is coming up soon and I plan to be in the house to get the motivation and education that I need to make my business a success!  For information on Lamar Tyler’s Traffic Sales & Profit head on over to the website trafficsalesandprofit.com

Have you developed a “Game Plan” for your business?



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