Making Money Moves in the 2017 Toyota Tacoma

I received this car from Toyota for a 7 day test drive. All opinions are my own.


It’s the beginning of the year and you know what that means.  Time to get out there and make things happen for yourself!  I decided to start my year off on a positive note, around the right people and in the right ride.  I had a blast rolling to Lamar Tyler’s Traffic Sales and Profit “Game Plan” Conference in the 2017 Toyota Tacoma Limited.

I’ve never considered myself as the type of girl who drives a pick up truck.  There are many reason why I felt that a truck was not the right vehicle for me and most of it has to do with my height.  Being 5’1 makes it hard for me to get up into most trucks and suvs so I was skeptical about the Tacoma.  Plus I always thought Pick Up Trucks were for hauling things not for style and comfort.  The Toyota Tacoma Limited change my mind about all of that.


For starters what a super cute truck.  The exterior color was Quicksand.  The interior was brown leather trim.  The truck seemed really big to me initially but once I got behind the wheel it drove like a dream.  Getting into this vehicle was easy.  It sits lower to the ground so I didn’t bang up my shins on the way in.

Here are some of the specs that stood out to me as I experienced this vehicle:

The Toyota Tacoma Limited has a 3.5 L V6 Engine, 4 Wheel Drive, Automatic Transmission and 18 inch Alloy Wheels.


The double cab provided plenty of space for our out of town guests.  It seats 5 people comfortably. The lined bed and cover made it very easy for us to pick our friend and luggage from the airport and head right to the conference.

I like that it had all of the perks that come with luxury vehicles like Leather Trim Seats, the Blind Spot Monitor, the Rear Back Up Cameras, Dual Zone Temperature Controls, and 7 -inch High Res Touch Screen. This one is the Limited Edition and also came with a tow package.

We are actually in the market for a new vehicle right now.  My husband was really impressed with the 2017 Toyota Tacoma.  I am a new believer in the Power of the Pick Up and I had fun driving my out-of-town guests around Atlanta in this vehicle!

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