The Love Tour ATL – A Celebration of Love & Marriage in Panama City Beach Florida


How lucky am I to have an awesome man who loves me and amazing friends who would join us in a celebration of our love!  The Love Tour ATL was that celebration.  This year for our 15th anniversary my husband and I joined other couples for a Celebration of Love and Marriage in Panama City Beach Florida.

2016 Kia Sorento-Allah

Attendees included:

Mr. & Mrs. Angelo & Stacey Taylor (@TheSistahChick)

Mr. & Mrs. Justin & Sherita Thomas (@JustRhee)

Mr. & Mrs.  Martin & Lynn Castro (@lilBimmer)

Our mission was simple:  Celebrate Love. Connect. Have Fun. Explore.  And that’s exactly what we did.

Panama City Beach, Florida – Day 1

With a house directly across from the shores of the Gulf, the first thing we did upon arrival is get to the beach. We witnessed a sunset and absorbed the energy of the ocean to bring blessings to our marriages and our journey. This breathtaking activity prepared us for an evening on the balcony to enjoy cocktails.




We visited MANY restaurants while in Panama City Beach.  None of them are worth mentioning in terms of quality, atmosphere and service.  None of them except one… Bayou Bill’s Crab House.  The atmosphere was rustic and open. Our server, Lindsey, was great and the food… omg the food was so good plus excellent drinks.


Panama City Beach, Florida Day 2

What a beautiful morning waking up to the views of Panama City Beach.  What made this morning even more special is waking up to a wonderful breakfast prepared by @JustRhee a dynamic duo made up of Justin & Sherita Thomas.  It was a special menu specially prepared in honor of our anniversary and boy did they go all out!  Not just with the menu but the entire presentation!  We will always remember the care they took to make our weekend perfect.

The Love Tour Menu by JustRhee



All I can say is wow!!  Thanks @JustRhee!  Please follow them at After a sufficient brunch filled with outstanding meal, conversation and mimosa’s you know where we headed… back to the beach!


Panama City Beach

It was an absolutely gorgeous day.  72 perfect degrees and clear skies. We had so much fun.  Nothing like white sand beaches to brighten your day.  On this day we donned our customized “The Love Tour ATL” t-shirts, cups bag and other swag.  After a couple hours of fun in the sun we headed to the nearest winery.

The Love Tour ATL

Hello Panama City Beach Winery

This quaint little winery specializes in non-grape fruit wines so we stopped in for a wine tasting. We tasted sweet wines made of all kinds of fruits like strawberry, kiwi, guava, limes, oranges, blackberry and even tomato.  One of the differences between non-grape fruit wines and wines made with grapes is the tannin.  There are no tannins with fruit wine so you don’t get that sharp bite at the beginning like you do with grape wines.  The flavors were incredible. We tasted 10 in all. The owners were super friendly and we walked away with a bottle of Key Limen and a bottle of Mama Guava.  Make no mistake with these wines, even though many tasted exactly like the fruit they were named after, they are very potent having 8% alc/vol and up.



Lucky for us a there was a cute little coffee shop in walking distance.  Deja Brew Coffee actually brews all of their own coffee in-house.  The Barista on duty, Crysania, offered us a tasting of some of their popular brews.  Yum! #iLoveCoffee


The majority of our free time was spent out and about in Panama City Beach.  We spent ALL of our time out doors.  In the city and on the beach.  When you visit off season you get to experience crowd free uncongested beach for miles.  It was the same with all of the venues.  Everything was serene especially the pier.


The Russell Fields Pier goes 1500 feet out into the Gulf of Mexico and the views are absolutely breathtaking.






Panama City Beach, Florida Day 3

Since this was our last day we woke up bright and early, grabbed a bite to eat and headed out!


We had another perfect day on the beach, Pier Park for shopping & dining.  One of the things that I enjoyed a lot in Panama City Beach was looking at the awesome buildings and scenery.





Honestly I could go on ALL day about our weekend.  I mean we did SO much in those few days that I can’t stop typing about it.  Celebrating 15 years of marriage with my man and the people that I love the most, travelling and having FUN is my idea of a GOOD time. If you are married make sure you take time to get some adult time with other couples.  Sometimes we get so caught up in life/work/family that we forget to take the time to be grown and enjoy ourselves. I am looking forward to next year’s tour (did I mention that we decided to make this an annual event?)  Until then Please enjoy this video documentary featuring our couples, our commentary on marriage and how we roll.

The Love Tour ATL Movie

Sponsor Shout Outs!

Special Thanks to Drive Shop and Kia Motors for sponsoring our transportation for the weekend by providing us with this gorgeous fully loaded 2016 Kia Sorento SXL to roll in.

2016 Kia Sorento Fully Loaded

Special Thanks also to Monster® Nation Influencer program for providing me with awesome tech accessories to enhance our trip!  The Ultra Thin Smartphone Charger for iPhone 6 came in handy and kept my phone charged as we explored for hours each day.  You can see the Monster Handsfree Selfie Case in action during the first few seconds of our video above!  We stuck it right on the 8″ digital navigation display and filmed away!  It can stick to ANY non porous surface!

Monster Tech Accessories

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