Whoopi Goldberg, Darryl DMC McDaniels Co Host – Parental Advisory: Explicit Images

This event was attended by TheSistahCafe.com’s New York correspondent & guest blogger, Lawana Ross


The vibrations coming from the fans, celebrities and tastemakers were bouncing off the walls at the Parental Advisory: Explicit Images event, presented by Morrison Hotel Gallery, at the Dream Downtown’s rooftop lounge. I attended this event as a correspondent for TheSistahCafe.com.

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5 Ways to KISS (Keep It Smooth & Sexy) with Sistah Buttah

There is nothing sexier and more romantic than touching supple, soft, moisturized skin.  It is through touch that we connect with our mates.  For amazingly beautiful skin you must nourish and protect it. Sistah Buttah All Natural Shea Butter blend is an known product for hair, but its also great for the skin.  With its all natural soothing and healing ingredients it does more than just make your skin shine.  You can also KISS with it.

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Renacer Wine Tasting & Barrel Painting #UnleashYourInnerArtist

This post is sponsored by Bodega Renacer Winery.  All opinions are my own.
I just love participating in Wine related events especially, where there is fusion between wine and something else interesting.  There is an awesome Wine event happening in Atlanta and I want to tell you all about it! Renacer Wine Tasting & Barrel Painting happens on Saturday, 1/21 at Vino Venue.  This event fuses Wine & Art!

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