Oscars 2017 Inspired Low Calorie Cocktails

This post is sponsored by Cascade Ice.  All opinions are my own


You can best believe that I will be front and center for the Oscars this year.  And by front I mean in front of my tv and by center I mean the center of my couch.  Yes, I will be there to see history be made with 6 sensational Black actors being nominated.  You already know that I will have the perfect cocktails on hand to enjoy throughout the show. Today I’m going to share a few Oscar themed cocktail recipes for you to enjoy and don’t worry I got you because they are all Low Calorie Cocktails that you can enjoy guilt-free.

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The SistahChick Reviews Mixed Chicks New Line of Natural Hair Products!

This post is sponsored by Mixed Chicks.  All opinions are my own.


I am so excited to be reviewing Mixed Chicks Newest Line of Natural Hair Products.  If you knew me back in my early You Tube days then you already know that Mixed Chicks is the very first product that I ever reviewed!  Yes it is! In fact that review is the most viewed post on this site! People are always very curious to know if a product called, “Mixed Chicks” works on Black hair.  

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Whoopi Goldberg, Darryl DMC McDaniels Co Host – Parental Advisory: Explicit Images

This event was attended by TheSistahCafe.com’s New York correspondent & guest blogger, Lawana Ross


The vibrations coming from the fans, celebrities and tastemakers were bouncing off the walls at the Parental Advisory: Explicit Images event, presented by Morrison Hotel Gallery, at the Dream Downtown’s rooftop lounge. I attended this event as a correspondent for TheSistahCafe.com.

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