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“The SistahChick” is an online persona that was created in 2008 when Stacey Taylor saw a lack of You Tube representation for her hair type and for African American girls with natural hair.  While creating 80+ You Tube videos addressing these matters a blog, The Sistah Cafe, was born ( What started out as a platform that focused on natural hair has now become a top ranked blog and social media outlet that celebrates African American Culture & Beauty, Atlanta, Natural Hair and Lifestyle.

Through years of natural hair advocacy and her daughters own scalp issues, a product, Sistah Buttah was developed (Sistah Buttah).  Sistah Buttah is a 100% All Natural Shea Butter Blend that is perfect for the hair, skin and scalp.

In 2013 Stacey started her own social media management company, The SistahChick & Co., LLC. Through her company she has helped to spread the word about many major brands including, Verizon Wireless, Dove, Mitsubishi and Walmart.  Stacey has spoken at major conferences such as Step Toward Success Conference (Atlanta), Niche Parent Conference (Disney World) and Blogalicious (San Antonio).  She now spends her time gardening and running her company that offers all things related to Social Media including Consulting, Management, Training and more.

I am a Professional Blogger and Social Media Consultant who is based in Atlanta, Ga.  I have passion for African American Culture and Beauty.  I use my space to share the positive aspects of Black Culture.  I am an Indiana native currently residing in Atlanta, Georgia with my husband and kids.

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  1. It was really nice meeting you. I could the first time meeting you that you have a kind and loving spirit. I wish you much success and happiness in whatever you do. I really enjoyed the Savannah trip and hopefully one day we will cross paths again. Hopefully i will be able to go on another bus trip with you guys. Take care and God Bless!

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