ABC’s #Blackish Brings #NaturalHair to Prime Time TV!

Blackish PosterTonight’s episode of ABC’s Black-ish was quite hilarious.  In it’s first season Black-ish is already slaying me with its cultural commentary.  Guest star Jenifer Lewis showed up to portray who else, but Dre’s meddlin mother.  She is perfect because she is the consummate Black mother and she has played “Mother” to half of Black Hollywood.  From the aunt on The Fresh Prince of Bel Air to Michael’s mother in Think Like A Man Too! She WILL be playing my mother when they make the movie about my life.  (Real talk and Regina King is gonna play me, but thats another post) On this episode Dre’s Mother (Lewis) comes to visit and wreaks havoc for his wife Rainbow (Traci Ellis Ross).  Apparently, Dre is a mama’s boy and his mother has been taking pot shots at his wife for years.  When Jenifer Lewis walked in with her newly natural fro speaking of her Zulu-Cherokee heritage (regarding texture), I knew that this episode would be epic!  Here are just a few of my tweets from tonight:



I found it especially amusing when she put baby girl’s hair into an afro and Rainbow freaked out.  I mean I died laughing!!  And I laughed even harder when she tried to straighten it back out with a HOT COMB, ESPECIALLY when she identified that “kitchen”!


I wanted to wait and make sure that I was gonna be a true fan of this show before writing any posts about it.  Its official!  I’m a fan! This has been my favorite episode so far and I really enjoyed how they used comedy to gently address:  Black Folks and Mental Health, Natural Hair and Marriage.  Bravo Black-ish!

Have you checked out Black-ish yet?

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