WHY!? Trying to Understand Social Injustice & Why It Exists

why-understanding-social-injusticeIn a world of evident injustice it’s sad when you wake up early to see so many people of color who look just like you constantly and consistently brutally murdered for just being caught at the wrong place at the wrong time… or shall I be honest being caught in the wrong place while being the wrong COLOR. I just cannot understand the blatant disregard for a human life, we all bleed the same and when we return to the grave as dust none of that will matter.

This morning scrolling down my news feed all I can think of that this could have been me, a loved one or a dear friend and I’m disgusted!  I’m frustrated! I want to know…WHY!?

So I sit back and reflect as a woman of color, a mother, a sister and a friend and I try to understand, WHY!? What is it about the color of our skin that offends?

Is it the way we make a way out of no way? We are survivors.

Is it our natural beauty that you don’t mind appropriating?

Is it our history of achievement that you try so hard to steal and claim as your own?

Is it our ability to achieve the impossible?


I will never in a million years understand how hatred for a specific race/culture can be a part of the life we live. I ask those in the vast majority: How would you feel going to bed every night with fear in your heart that your loved one may not return because of the color of their skin?  How would you feel?

You know you can’t answer that question because that is not the fear that you have or a reality you would even have to face. When I see comments on social media such as “get over it” or “your kind kill each other daily” or my favorite line “All Lives Matter”, I know that you are blind to the facts and the reality in front of you.

So I continue to ask….


Do you even know why?  Why do you hate a specific group of people to the point that you have no sympathy or regard for their life?  Hatred is a learned behavior.  It is something that can be passed down through generations. It is brought on by fear which also is a learned behavior.  We are not born with the spirits of hate and fear.  Just watch any child interact with another, their minds are pure and they show no interest in differences until they are taught otherwise by society, by social media, but mostly by what is taught at home.

black lives matter

I can go on and on about the WHY’s… However will that solve anything? No!! Things won’t be solved until ALL stand together and rise up.  Maybe what they fear is this reality, that despite what you see on TV…

We are a generation that proudly attends and graduates from historically Black Colleges and Universities.

We are the generation who are proud and who believe that black is beautiful.

We are a generation that believes in black love and building up the black family.

I could go on and on, but I digress.  I think enough be enough.  I refuse to sit down and let social injustice keep me quiet!  I understand that we live an era where the only color that is understood is green!   I realize all the marching and protesting will not solve anything. Praying can only go so far.  We have been peaceful, and politicians have been quiet!   I want us to boycott and take a stand.  I want to get comfortable being uncomfortable and stand against keeping money in the pockets of those who do not value us.

I want to take a stand as Malcolm X once said, “By Any Means Necessary”.

Our Black Men are our greatest asset and they are being killed insensitively.  The Great Desmond Tutu once said “If you are neutral in situations of injustice, you have chosen the side of the oppressor.”

To my Black Men I LOVE YOU!

What will you do to fight against Social Injustice?

Written by Guest Blogger, Lawana Ross

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