The SistahChick Reviews Mixed Chicks New Line of Natural Hair Products!

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I am so excited to be reviewing Mixed Chicks Newest Line of Natural Hair Products.  If you knew me back in my early You Tube days then you already know that Mixed Chicks is the very first product that I ever reviewed!  Yes it is! In fact that review is the most viewed post on this site! People are always very curious to know if a product called, “Mixed Chicks” works on Black hair.   I can only tell you that it works for us ( Me and my daughter)!

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Mixed Chicks Newest Line of Natural Hair Products

Bringing in 2017 with a bang, Mixed Chicks Owners, Kim and Wendi have outdone themselves with a whole new line.  I am pleased to have tested these products while they were being made and now I get to show you how they work on my natural hair.

Here are the products featured in the new line:

Daily Hair Dress

Curl Sculptor

Conditioning Cleansing Co Wash

Coil, Kink & Curl Styling Cream

Slick Styling Tamer

Styling Gel

One of the reasons why I love this line so much is because it agrees with my hair type.  My hair is very curly in some areas and kinky in others.  My hair is also very fine and lacks body sometimes.  I generally look for products that are light, not too perfumey or heavy and that dry soft.  I LOVE products that play well with others. I stay away from gels.  These products all smell very nice, very citrusy, very clean and very fresh.  For this post I am focusing on 3 specific products in this line that make up my favorite “Curl Cocktail”.  These are the 3 that I used to achieve my PERFECT curls!

Conditioning Co Wash

OMG this product is the truth.  I’m the queen of co washing. It applies like a thick cream.  There was no lather.  Just creaminess.  My hair felt really conditioned after using it.  Like I could go straight to a wash n go from there.   My only complaint with this co wash is that it does not come in a gallon size! I wanted to use it ALL at once.

Coil, Kink & Curl Styling Cream

I used this rich cream in a variety of ways.  I shingled it in on wet hair and let my hair air dry for a wash n go.  I used it again on wet hair for two strand twists that I also let air dry. Lastly I used it to refresh my hair for a PERFECT Puff! This will definitely become a staple product for me

Daily Hair Dress

This is another creamy product.  This cream is a bit thicker and dense.  I used it for my edges. Edge control is not really an issue for me so all I need is a little cream and scarf to lay them down nice while keeping them soft to the touch.

I have tried the other products but these three are my favorites and the ones that I used the most to create various styles.  Check my videos here for 2 of the styles that I created.  One is The Perfect Puff and the other is a Twist Out Up Do!

Now comes the fun part!  I want to share my perfect “Curl Cocktail” with you!  So I am going to pick 5 of you to each receive my 3 favs which are:

1 – Daily Hair Dress

1- Conditioning Cleansing Co Wash

1- Coil, Kink & Curl Styling Cream

Enter to win below!  Drawing ends 3/3.  Don’t forget to leave a comment so I know you love me <3


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