The SistahChick Hosts 2017 AAMBC Literary Awards Books & Cocktails Event #AAMBCAwards


The 2017 AAMBC Literary Awards took place in Atlanta and it was a gala to remember!  As with previous years the African Americans on the Move Book Club took over #BlackWritersWeek in Atlanta

The AAMBC Literary Awards is an event that honors writers of urban fiction.  It was created in February 2008 by a then twenty year old, Tamika Newhouse. What started as an online book club grew into a national phenomenon. The sole purpose was to expose the unknown writer and to give them the opportunity to win accolades.


This  year, as the host for this event, I got to close out AAMBC Literary Awards with up close and personal conversations with Actress/Author Robinne Lee and and Entrepreneur/Author Juju (LHHNY). Both of these dynamic women sat and answered my questions as well as took questions from the audience as we got to know a little more about them.

Robinne Lee

You may remember Robinne from the Black classic film Hav Plenty, which came out back in the early 90’s.  She took us by storm then with her beauty and natural acting ability.  Since then she has appeared in many major films and appeared beside some of actings greats like Don Cheadle and Will Smith. I was happy to talk to her about her newly released novel, The Idea Of You, which is about a divorced, sophisticated older woman who has a teenage daughter and a much younger love interest who happens to be a rock star.  The novel follows her as she navigates through what it means to raise a daughter, get older and date a younger man who is also famous.  Robinne and I were able to speak at length about some of the things that influenced her book and how she does it all as a wife, mother, actress and now author.  She credits her “village” for helping her be able to do it all! It was an easy conversation to have.  She eloquently spoke to us about what it means to age in the acting industry.  She expressed how important it is for women to use their own voices to share their stories.

Follow a woman who is on a journey to i thin k often at a certain age become invisible in our culture, I wanted to explore what it is to be reaching the height of your power as a business person, a mom and a woman and feeling like your at an age where people stop seeing you… Robinne Lee

What is next for Robinne?  Well she has already been asked to return as “Roz” in the 3rd installment of the Fifty Shades series.  We are hoping to see her new book on the big screen one day!  Make sure you get a copy!

The Idea of You: A Novel



Ms JuJu is a very well educated entrepreneur who also happens to be a cast member on Love & Hip Hop New York and fiancee to Cam’Ron.  In addition to all of that she is a first time author.  Her book, Secrets of a Jewel, is out and it actually SOLD OUT during AAMBC Literary Awwards Weekend.   I really enjoyed meeting and interviewing this beautiful up and coming star.  Ms. JuJu is known for giving great advice and this book is the perfect avenue for that.  She uses the art of fictional story telling to give out great relationship advice to women of all ages.  Being that this is her first book, she got really emotional when speaking about how it felt to complete this work.

The first week when I was shipping the books, I would cry every day because I couldn’t believe that I’ve done it, I can’t believe that I actually made it this far.  -Juju


Our audience was eager to ask her all kinds of questions not only about her book, but also about her involvement in the Love and Hip Hop franchise.  Juju says that she is the same person on and off the show.  She went on to explain that she has a plan and that Love and Hip Hop is part of that plan.  She never intends to fight, throw bottles or spit on anyone.  She has talked about her book on the show and gives great relationship advice on Love and Hip Hop.  Juju has big dreams and is taking the necessary steps to make them happen!  She is definitely “On The Move”  so stayed tuned because she has a lot more in store.

Get a copy of her book here Secrets Of A Jewel

Thank you to Tamika Newhouse and AAMBC Literary Awards for inviting me back out to host this event for the 2nd year in a row!  It was a pleasure to speak to Robinne Lee and JuJu, these two women have wonderful messages to share and I hope you check them out.  I had an amazing time as always and look forward to what next years event will bring.

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