The Sistah Cafe Contributor – Keianna Johnson Wins Master Pioneer Award!


It is with great pleasure that I share this news about The Sistah Cafe’s longtime contributor Keianna Johnson.  She was honored as a trailblazer in the Natural Hair Care Industry with a Master Pioneer Award!!  We are so happy for Keianna! and want to make sure that we congratulate her and let her know that her contributions to this site are VALUED.  You can check out her informative natural hair advice regarding children here.

The Master Pioneer Award was founded by Executive Director Anita Hill Moses.  She has been in the Natural Hair Industry for 30 years.  Anita is a licensed cosmetology, instructor, Natural Hair Care and Hair Loss Specialist, Owner and Stylist of B.A.D.-Braids and Dreds Inc. and Product Developer-NHR, Natural Hair Restoration.

The Master’s Pioneer Awards Ceremony is a bi-yearly event honoring the trailblazers of the Natural Hair Care Industry. The Master Pioneer Honorees have blazed the trail for others who have successfully established businesses in the industry,  contributed to product research and development, education, hair manufacturing, the design and creation of natural hair accessories and more. They teach courses, have authored books and influenced legislation. Their work has been featured in national publications and motion pictures, and they have been the go-to professionals for celebrities sporting natural hair styles. It is through the pioneering work of these individuals that the industry has evolved, gained international attention and continues to grow.  ~The Master Pioneer Awards

Keianna was honored for her contribution to the natural hair industry as a certified children’s natural hair stylist.  In addition to being a business owner, wife and mother…
-She currently holds the position of Local Coordinator for the DMV Area for, an organization geared towards uplifting the standards and professionalism of Certified Professionals in the Braiding & Natural Hair Industry.
-She is Social Information Contributor for Our Natural Kids;  An online resource center promoting natural hair health, style & maintenance for kids.
-Contributor for The Sistah Cafe and for being a public speaker advocating for child’s natural hair care.
Here is the entire list of 2015 Master Pioneer Honorees:
  1. Arlette Pender of Hairlocks LLC By Arlette – Phoenix, AZ
  2. Black Rose
  3. Glen Ettienne of Natural Hair Gallery – Brooklyn, NY
  4. Keianna Johnson of Chi Chi Sophistication Natural Hair Studio – Waldorf MD
  5. Raymond Smith of Loc Soc – Hillside NJ
  6. Shaquora Bey of Sophisticated Loc Salon – Brooklyn NY
  7. Ayana Card of Kinkyroots – Poughkeepsie, NY

Congratulations to each and every honoree but especially to Mrs. Keianna Johnson.  When this blog The Sistah Cafe and Our Natural Kids were only hobbies to me this Sistah eagerly signed on and has been with us as a willing contributor since 2010!  This woman is ALWAYS positive and ALWAYS has a kind word to share.  We love her and appreciate her greatly for all of her contributions.

You can check out Keianna here at The Sistah Cafe for Natural Hair advice regarding kids and all over the web as Chi Chi Sophistication.

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Check out the Master Pioneer website to learn more about this event.

Make sure you support this effort by checking out their Facebook page too.  New honorees are coming!

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