Thai "Tweet Up" in Atlanta

I attended my very 1st “Tweet Up” last nite.  What is a “Tweet Up” you might ask.  A “Tweet Up” is a meeting that takes place amongst people who are connected someway or another on Twitter.  This event was hosted by a Twitter friend of mine named @SwarthyDaisy.  @SwarthyDaisy and I have been friends on Twitter for quite some time so i was very excited when I heard that she was putting this event together.  Held at Thai Fusion and aptly called “Thai Tweet Up” this meeting far exceeded anything that i expected.  I found the ambiance of the restuarant to be very inviting. 

I was greeted at the door by @SwarthyDaisy.  Even though she and I have attended several of the same events, we had never met face to face.  Its always fun meeting people that i have chatted with online.  She is just as friendly and outgoing as i thought she’d be.  I was the 1st one there so I helped her and her husband set up the giftbags that she’d prepared for us.
The bags were filled with various items that I cant wait to try!!

I especially loved my pick!!
As the guests arrived one by one we were all introduced and began to mingle.  I met some AMAZING people from various online arenas.  The area of Women & Finance was represented by @AndreaAmir founder of Smart Money Chicks a site that helps to create financially savvy women through education, webinars, discussions and events.  Health & Wellness was represented by Dalia Kinsey (@EatingBeautiful) She is the creator of a site that explains how we can escape the diet trap by making certain lifestyle changes.  In the area of Technology we were introduced to Reggie Levine.  Reggie has a website and a YouTube channel dedicated to giving advice, demonstrations and tutorials on all of the latest gadgets from phones to keyboards to gaming system controllers.  You can find him on Twitter @LeReg on YouTube and on the net, Photography & Jewelry was represented by Wilma Jean aka @MsLeJean.  Her “She” art series is outstanding and I am hoping to grace my walls with one of her pieces soon.  Do yourself a favor and check out her work  Other folk in the house were @WritesALot, @HelloLT, @Lucy_Pearl, @hicksgirl93, @WatchTheShoes, @JavonStyles. @uncleshecky and @LadyLovelyPeace <~~ A SUPER Positive chick that I was already following on Twitter...
Long Story Short
We ate good food… 

We networked…
 We shared ideas and resources…

We had a GREAT time… 

@SwarthyDaisy, @TheSistahChick, @LeReg, @MsLeJean

@SwarthyDaisy & @JavonStyles
I learned SO much!! I should have taken notes but I have already implemented some of the tips that i received.  I can’t wait until the next “Tweet Up”!!
Thanks for reading!
Peace 🙂
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  1. This was a sweet post. I am so happy to have met you in person as well. I look forward to connecting more with you in the future. Btw, love this site, and the music is oh so cool!