Tamera Mowry Talks Motherhood, Marriage, Career and More

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I caught up with one of the hosts of  syndicated talk show, The Real, Mrs. Tamera Mowry-Housley this week on video chat to discuss her busy life as a working wife and mother.

It was so much fun and I was so nervous to speak with this young lady, after all I did watch her grow up on TV right before my very eyes.  I remember my kids used to watch her on Sister, Sister and really anything that had her and twin sister Tia Mowry in.  I always felt comfortable letting them watch Tamera and Tia because they were just always so wholesome and involved with appropriate TV shows.  Now that Tamera is all grown up it is very clear that she has developed into a wonderful young woman.  She is married and has two children of her own.  We can see her daily as a host on the talk show, The Real. She also has her own website and social media channels.  That being said, we can now have the conversation about what it means to have an active career while also being a mother to young children.  As well as discuss some of the challenges.

I was able to ask her many questions here are a few:

How do you juggle being a working wife and mother?

What is your advice for busy moms?

What’s next for you?

It was a great conversation between two “girlfriends”.  I let her know that I appreciated her being the one person that I could relate to on The Real.  She was real tickled that I called her “The Voice of Reason” on the show.  We talked about careers, marriage and motherhood in general.  One of the main things that Tamera expressed is the fact that she has been struggling with night time wetness with her young son Aden.  She spoke very extensively about GoodNites Bed wetting products and how beneficial they have been to helping her by keeping Aden dry at night (preventing stressful nights) and confident the next day.  Throughout the course of our conversation we both admitted that every mom needs help sometimes. Every little bit of help that a mother can get is beneficial to the child overall.    GoodNites Bedtime Pants give moms the help they need.  One of the things that Tamera said about raising kids that really stood out is

instead of taking every day at a time, take every moment at a time -Tamera Mowry

As the mother of grown children I was able to give her a few tips of my own which included being patient and also allowing children to go at their own pace.  She has grown up to be a really cool, humble and seemingly well adjusted young woman and it was my pleasure to speak to her.  Don’t just take my word for it, you can check out our entire exchange here.

Tune in and watch Tamera Mowry-Housley daily on the syndicated talk show, The Real, or head to her website at TameraMowry.com

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What has been some of motherhood’s biggest challenges for you?

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