3 Reasons Why The Cornrow Bee Hive is the Perfect #NaturalHair Style for Kids


The Beehive has been the foundation pattern for the Sew-N-Weave and Crotchet Braids for many years. This pattern continues to reign supreme above all other cornrow patterns because of it’s easy installation. Certainly I am not encouraging anyone to install a Sew-N-Weave or Crotchet Braids in their child’s hair. Heaven forbid! I am simply sharing … Read more

Natural Hair For Children: 3 Ways To Dry Natural Hair Without HEAT!

Freshly Washed Hair

Depending on who you are talking to, the meaning “natural hair care” varies from person to person. For example: Many natural hair wearers are anti-chemical, while others choose to color their natural hair with commercial hair coloring. Some naturals enjoy wearing their hair protected in braid extensions or under wigs, while others prefer hair to … Read more