Why the 2016 BET Awards Was a Major Event for the Natural Hair Movement


It is safe to say that the 2016 BET Awards was one of the best in years! Black America watched proudly as Blackish stars Tracee Ellis-Ross and Anthony Anderson hosted hilariously and showed off their awesome stage chemistry.

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4 Awesome Holiday Natural Hair Styles for Children


The holidays are here!  We’ve all got plans and to-do lists to complete.  We must remember our recipes, acquire the appropriate supplies and clean the house to name a few items. The kids will be out of school and family will be in town.  Some of us with school age children may even have a pageant or play to attend.

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The Pros & Cons of Cornrow Styles for Children #NaturalHair


There is nothing more satisfying than witnessing a smile from a child who has just seen their new hairstyle in the mirror for the first time. Heart, diamond and star cornrow designs are blazing among children ages 9 and under. Children thrive on being trendsetters amongst their peers. With back to school starting for most … Read more

3 Steps to Achieve the Perfect Twist Out Style for #NaturalHair


I have worn my hair natural for the past 9 years.  For those of you who may not know “going natural” for the Black woman means to wear your hair using no chemical straightening process aka “relaxer”. A lot of women refuse to go natural because of the time that they believe it takes to … Read more

10 Tips to Help You Start to Manage Your Child’s #NaturalHair


It can be very intimidating when you start to think about how you will manage your child’s natural hair. If you are anything like me then you never really got to know your own hair so it may be difficult to understand your child’s natural hair.  I started getting relaxers when I was 14 years … Read more

Do You Accept Your Child’s #NaturalHair Texture Just As It Is?

Children with Natural Hair 2

What words would you use to describe your child’s hair texture?  As you ponder that question think about which descriptive words you will use and consider if those words are positive and uplifting to your child.  Thick. Curly. Kinky. Nappy. Coily.  Some of these words are accepted and some are rejected.  4a. 3c. 2b.  are … Read more