The SistahChick Gets HYPE! H.Y.P.E. Youth Conference (Helping Youth Pursue Excellence)


I have been in total support of Fusion Teen Talk Show since attending the screening of Episode 2 of Fusion Teen Talk Show: No Bullying Allowed with my daughter last year.  Since then I have watched this organization that benefits young adults grow in leaps and bounds.  Throughout the past year under guidance from founder Shakeitha … Read more

Fusion Teen Talk Show & TweenStyle Power to Host Vision Board Party

Fusion Teen Talk Show TweenStyle

I want to make sure that I start my New Year off right.  I plan to do that by giving back and also by supporting organizations and ideas that I believe in.  I became acquainted with this wonderful group over a year ago through their producer Shakethia “Queen” Robertson.  I covered Fusion Teen Talk Show Episode … Read more