Mommy Natural Hair Confession Series #1: I Combed Out My Daughter’s Locs

Unlocking Locd hair

This is a story about one mother and her daughter’s decision to change her hair. About a month ago. I conducted an interview with Tiffany and her daughter Kody.  Kody decided in December 2013 to have her locs combed out or “unlocked”. Prior to combing them out Kody’s hair had been loc’d for 2 years. … Read more

The One World Doll Project featuring The Cynthia Bailey Prettie Girl’s! Collector’s Doll

Cynthia Bailey Doll

It was so cool getting to meet Ms. Cynthia Bailey of Real Housewives of Atlanta at Blogalicious.  She was very warm and patient with us as we posed for pics and all acted like we know her personally because we see her on TV.  (Heeey Cynthia!) I was even more excited to learn that she … Read more

Does Racism Still Exist In America?

The Sistah Cafe

Of course it does!!  And now I will tell you why the United States is having its BEST WEEK EVER…for Racism that is… Paula Deen admits to using the “N” word. The Supreme Court strikes down federal oversight on voting regulation for the South Afro Puffs banned at Ohio School The Supreme Court puts the … Read more