Summer Camp or Summer School? Did I Make The Right Decision?

This post was written by Guest Blogger, Lakesia Tyson


Now that the school year has begun, are you wondering if you made the right choice for your kids during the summer?

Summer Break is supposed to be fun! I had the option to send my boys to Summer Camp or Flexible Learning Program/Summer Enrichment at the school. Well, I chose the Flexible Learning Program which was against the popular vote. The program gave students the opportunity to work on math, prevent academic regression, and promote academic success. It also allowed them to view sample question on the new Georgia Milestone Assessment System electronically.

I felt that it would benefit the boys more for the upcoming school year. My oldest son was having problems in school due to his diagnosis (ADHD) and behavioral issues as well. He has to work harder to catch up to take grade level classes in math, reading, and prevent further academic regression. My younger son always excelled academically and I want to keep it that way. So against popular opinion and reason, I enrolled them. The school celebrated their achievements with a summer splash party on the last day of the program.

“Trust your instincts. Intuition doesn’t lie.” Genevieve Fleming

Now that the school year has begun, I have confirmation that my decision was the best decision. It appears that my third grader is more excited about learning and using some of the learning techniques taught in the program. His reading seems to be a bit better, math seems to be a lot easier for him. We have also witnessed changes in his behavior. He tends to make better decisions. Though some things take a little more patience, he is more willing to listen for other options. My first grader on the other hand, appears to be bored out of his mind. The great part is the teacher is willing to provide him with a more challenging assignments. So, we have a win-win situation.

It was a hard decision but I am happy with my choice and my boys are on the right path.  At the end of the day you have to trust your gut and do what you think is right for YOUR kids, especially when it comes to their education!

Did you send your kids to Summer Camp or Summer School?  How has your decision affected the beginning of their school year?

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