Sponge Styling: A New Trend for Men and Boys with #NaturalHair

sponge-used-for-stylingWhen it comes to natural hair we often leave the fellas out of it.  But we all know that chemically enhanced curls and texture changing chemicals is a thing for boys and men just as it is for women. So when when we share our messages about natural hair we really need to include our Black brothers too because a lot of times they share some of the same concerns that we as women deal with.  A hot new trend right now for naturally coiled hair are Sponges.  Sponge styling is a great alternative for many people who wish to achieve the same coil textured look as a texturizer  without applying harmful chemicals to their hair. Barbershops across the country are spicing up haircuts by using a sponge as a hair styling tool to create these funky coils. And for the guys this means turning ordinary high top fades and mohawk haircuts, etc into a stylish fashion statement.

Sponge Styling Coils

To achieve chic looking styles with a sponge requires only 4 simple steps.

Purchase a sponge.

Use a hair comb or hair pick to comb the hair out.

Apply product of choice evenly throughout the hair.

Gently rub the sponge (in a circular motion) evenly all over the head until coils begin to form.

The average cost for the hair sponge from the barbershop is between $12 to $15, but I have seen hair sponges sold at my local beauty supply store for $10. They can also be purchased online through a few different brands who carry them.  You could try to make your own sponge. No matter what sponge option you choose, the coil textured hairstyle will come out looking fly. Learning to create the perfect coiled look for you comes through trial and error.  I have also seen these sponges used to created an awesome loc’d look on short hair which also comes out very nice and takes practice to achieve.

So ladies what do you think about men with natural hair?

Keianna Johnson aka “KeeKeeAllNatural” is a certified Natural Hair Care, Braiding and Lock Technician. She was certified through Madam Walker’s Braids, Lockery & School. She is also the owner of Chi Chi Sophistication Natural Hair Care Studio which specializing in natural hair care and braiding for children. She currently holds the position as Local Coordinator for the DMV Area for Ebraiding.net an organization geared towards uplifting the standards and professionalism of certified professionals in the braiding & natural hair Industry. KeeKee is a TRUE natural hair care advocate and she is also a blogger. You can find her beautiful work with children’s hairstyles featured in SANATA International Hair Braiding Magazine, MidWest Black Hair Magazine and Encore HD Hair Magazine.