Sistahs Do Brunch – June 2014

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The second installment of  Sistahs Do Brunch was nothing short of spectacular.  If you are familiar with this concept then you know that these are “micro events“.  Everyone had such a good time at the first brunch that we just had to turn this idea into a regular occurence.  Once again we were gathered in a group of 12 of or less for a casual conversation and a beautiful brunch. These women came prepared for some positive interaction.  I really love the atmosphere of Social Vinings.  Its very open yet still private and their brunch prices are so very reasonable.  After all you shouldn’t have to break the bank to get together.

Sistahs Do Brunch

Sistah Brunchers

Melisa Alaba – Author of a fantastic new book Live Out Loud!

Pamela Jenkins – CEO of Koils By Nature

Ariel Alaba – Recent high school graduate and budding film student (Melisa Alaba’s daughter)

Kia Morgan Smith – Blogger, writer and Disney Brand Ambassador

Tarin Boone – CEO of Naturally Me! Media and Creator of Fro Fashion Week

Arkeedah McCormick – blogger and fashionista extraordinaire

Glenda Boone – Entrepreneur, Internet Franchise Owner and marketer

Altonia @TheLupieChick Fowler – Dugar – Lupus Survivor, Advocate and CEO of The Lupie Chick Project.

felicia phillips
Felicia Phillips. Publisher
The Eco Review Magazine

Although Felicia Phillips could not stay she graciously stopped by with copies of The Eco Review Magazine for everyone in attendance.  I was very honored that she took the time out of her day to come out.  Felicia Phillips is the publisher of The Eco Review Magazine (of which I am a contributing editor)

Because each Sistahs Do Brunch event has different attendees different conversations arise.  Here are just a few of the items that were discussed.


The future of Internet Marketing

Niche Identification

Sisterhood amongst Black Women

Cooperative Economics

Women’s Health

Author of Live Out Loud Melisa Alaba read to us from her book.  In one of the chapters she shares her experiences with sexuality, body types and self acceptance.  This opened up a very nice discussion, where all were able to share a few of their own physical insecurities and how  to overcome.

Melisa Alaba

The Swag Bags were filled with awesome goodies for each attendee and I’d like to thank our WONDERFUL sponsors!

Koils by Nature

The Eco Review Magazine

Sistah Buttah

Wine In A Can

 Motions Hair

The Natural Hair Academy

TVLand (The Soul Man & Hot In Cleveland)

Motions Wine In A Can Sistah Buttah

We knocked it out of the park with this edition of Sistahs Do Brunch.  I really feel like the women in attendance were able to connect on a more personal level.  I would like to publicly thank each attendee. There is no Sistahs Do Brunch without some Sistahs to Brunch with so THANK YOU!!! I continue to stand by the belief that bigger is not always better when it comes to sharing information.  Our next brunch will be in July.  Stay tuned to The Sistah Cafe for details and thank you as always for your support!

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