Sistah Spotlight! ~ Keianna Johnson of Chi Chi Sophistication Natural Hair Studio

Sistah Spotlight is a way to showcase women who I think are accomplishing wonderful things and it is also a way to utilize my blog to promote positive people. Through Sistah Spotlight I will feature an African American woman who is doing great things both through social media and also face to face out in our community.

Today I am honored to showcase Keianna Johnson of Chi Chi Sophistication Natural Hair Studio for this month’s Sistah Spotlight.  This is the 2nd time that Keianna has been given the Sistah Spotlight.  Keep reading to see why (I mean besides the fact that this chick is AMAZING)

Keianna Johnson

I am so excited to tell you about this wonderful spirit.  I was privileged to have run into this beautiful woman near the beginning of my natural hair journey.  Her name is Keianna Johnson aka KeeKee aka Chi Chi Sophistication.  I met KeeKee on the former Our Natural Kids private network in 2010.  From the moment she entered my online space she has exuded nothing but passion and positive energy.  KeeKee, is a Baltimore based hair stylist who specializes in natural hair and braiding for children. The DMV area is where she spreads her love for her people and her craft.

I plant the seeds of self-love and acceptance while providing the hair with proper care ~Keianna Johnson

She is certified in Advanced Braiding and Locking

She is the recipient of two very prestigious awards:  International Hairitage Awards and Master Pioneer Award

I was so enamored with her energy and spirit that I made her a permanent part of my team.

Keianna has been with me since 2010 and today we work together to spread the message about the benefits of natural hair styling for kids.  She currently holds the position of Social Information Contributor to our newly created Our Natural Kids Facebook page as well as Staff Writer for  Her willingness to encourage & motivate speaks volumes about who she is as a person.  She is an all around beautiful person, the kind you only meet once in a lifetime.


Keianna spends her time encouraging parents everywhere on how to properly takes care of and maintain their kids natural hair.  She does this in person at her shop Chi Chi Sophistication Natural Hair Studio and also online through her blog, Facebook page and Periscope.  She is also a wife and mother of 5 beautiful children!

Please go check her out online or if you are in the DMV call her to set up an appointment for your child.

Here is where you can find KeeKee online.

Diary of a Budding Hair Stylist (blog)

KeeKeeAllNatural (YouTube)

Chi Chi Sophistication (Facebook)

@KeiannaJonsons (Twitter)

Some people are in your life for a season and some are put there for a reason… Keianna is one of my reasons and a part of why I will always be involved in natural hair advocacy, encouragement and education.

If you see Kee Kee tell her that I love her and give her a virtual hug for me <3

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  1. OMG! Thank you so much SistahChick! I am so blessed & honored to be a part of your mission and purpose of educating mothers to be their own experts and take charge of learning what is best for their children in the Natural Hair Community. Thanks you so much. I love you. ~HUGS HUGS HUGS~