Sistah Spotlight!: Diana Ramsey of SistersWithBeauty (SWB) & Butterfly Transition

Sistah Spotlight is a way to showcase women who I think are accomplishing wonderful things and it is also a way to utilize my blog to promote positive people. Through Sistah Spotlight I will feature an African American woman who is doing great things both through social media and also face to face out in our community.


For this month’s Sistah Spotlight, please allow me to introduce you to Diana R. Ramsey.  Diana Ramsey aka @SisWithBeauty is the Head Curl in Charge at  She is also an author with a brand new book out called “Butterfly Transition” and so much more.   I was able to catch up with this busy woman and thoroughly enjoyed speaking to her about her brand, her dreams and her mission.

As a fellow Natural Hair advocate of course I immediately wanted to talk to Diana about natural hair and how she got started.  She spoke about how God led her to the name SistersWithBeauty and when she visualized flying butterflies she knew right then that this was just the beginning of things to come.  From there she created a natural hair platform that consisted of You Tube videos, a blog and more.  Through this platform she has been able to reach thousands of women to help them transition to natural hair and also deal with some of the issues that are associated with natural hair.  By initially allowing hair to get the attention she needed it eventually led her to her vision of helping women get unstuck.



I see it, I want it, I stunt yellow hornet

I dream it, I work hard, I grind til I own it

artist: Beyonce. song: Formation. album: Lemonade.

During our interview Diana quoted a line from Beyonce’s song Formation. These words serve as a sort of mantra for Diana.  She used these words to explain her own motivation.  She is a project manager by trade and this fact coupled with her strong desire to affect change in the world allows her to take what is good and turn it into something great.


Butterfly Transition

Diana’s Love Language is Vision. In her newly published book, Butterfly Transition, she breaks down the correlation between life and hair.  She describes her book as birthing her first child and also talked about how the book saved her life.  Butterfly Transition is a Step by Step Guide to Transitioning Your Hair While Growing Through Life’s Changes.  It is a book that is about Diana and her life and how her own natural hair transition led her to spiritual and emotional health.

“We delight in the beauty of the butterfly, but rarely admit the changes it has gone through to achieve that beauty.”~Maya Angelou

This book is also about YOU.   It’s about your own life transition.  Out of everything that Butterfly Diana wants you to take away from the book the main thing she wants you to know is that you are not alone in your transition/journey. A lot of times when people are isolated they feel like they are alone and this book certainly reminds you that you are not.
This Sistah Diana is more than just a blogger.  She is a motivator.  She is an author.  She is a poet.  She is a dancer. She is a friend and so much more.  I absolutely LOVE her energy.  I love her voice in this niche and I hear her. Hopefully you will too. Even with everything that she has going on right now this busy lady has “the audacity to go higher!”  She wants to look back at the footprints that she left in the sand to see where she came from and she is actively trying to be better.  Right now she has a LIVE and VIRTUAL Book Tour going on and she is birthing new things every day.
It was my pleasure to interview Diana and shine light on her through this edition of Sistah Spotlight.  I wish her nothing but the best now and in all of her future endeavors.
For more info about Butterfly Transition check out the Book Tour link:
This book is also available on Amazon, Kindle and Barnes & Nobles online.
You can find Diana under the following social media handles:  @SisWithBeauty @DianaRRamsey and also with the following hashtags:  #SistersWithBeauty #DianaRRamsey #ButterflyTransition
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