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mixed-chicks-products-natural-hairAbout a month ago I was surfing the web for Natural Hair styles/products (like always) and I landed on the site It was through this site that 2 very important things happened. #1 I was able to determine what my hair type is. #2 I was able to find the perfect products for my hair types (notice I said -type S). The hair typing system was developed by Andre Walker (Oprah’s Stylist). It categorizes hair into types ranging from Type 1 Straight Hair, Type 2 Wavy Hair, Type 3 curly hair and Type 4 Kinky Hair. There are also sub types like Type 2a (fine), 2b (textured), or 2c thick). All of this info is explained in detail in his book Andre Talks Hair (Which I have had sitting on my bookshelf for years but only recently cracked open and actually read). Taking care of your natural hair without know what type of hair you have is a total waste of time and money, as hopefully you have read in my previous posts. Hair type is so very important and the folks at NaturallyCurly have taken this science a step further by recommending products for each hair type. With all of that being said, I have determined that my hair has various types. I would say that I am 3b/c (tight corkscrews) around the front and back of my head, the right side of my hair is also a bit thicker than the left, I got a small patch in the back portion of my head that is 4a (kinky). Of the products that were listed for my hairtype was Mixed Chicks Leave In Conditioner. The name of the product alone made me curious enough to at least see what it was about, so I went to the product website. No, I am not mixed but like I said the name made me curious. I was delighted to find on the some products that i thought would work for me. My goal? To find a product that would not only define the natural curls in my hair but sustain that look throughout the day and possibly into the next all the while keeping my hair soft to the touch but not greasy/sticky or oily. I also desired uniformity in my hair with minimal shrinkage. HALLELUJAH! I have found this in Mixed Chicks Hair Products!! (DisClaimer – What’s in a name? – Mixed Chicks is not JUST for Mixed people. Its for all people. don’t let the name scare you off. But be advised if you think that using these products will make your hair look like a typical mixed persons hair (don’t act like you dont know what I mean by that!) you are delusional. These products dont GIVE you mixed hair! They do, however, enhance what you already have) In other words use wisdom. OK?


I am so happily satisfied with this product! Mixed Chicks came through for me with flying colors and does exactly what it says it will! I ordered the Trio which is Mixed Chicks Shampoo, Mixed Chicks Deep Conditioner & Mixed Chicks Leave In Conditioner. I watched the tutorials on the website (which were verrry helpful) my order was delivered timely and I was quickly off to try my new find.

The application process is simple.

Wash with the shampoo.

Deep Condition according to instructions.

Apply Leave in conditioner to freshly washed & conditioned dripping wet hair.

Again I will mention my previous posts for written proof of other processes. This process was sooo easzy and like the products claim my hair dried quickly, uniformly and definitively. Its like the Leave in literally grabbed my hair while wet, locked in those luscious shower wet curls, and held on to them while they dried. Once COMPLETELY dry I was left with a head full of beautifully kinky corkscrews that smelled good, were soft to the touch. As an added experiment. I rewet my hair on the 2nd day and applied just the leave in. The results were the same after the air drying process. To be even more sure that this was the product for me…I slept on my curly hair with no cap and no satin pillow. The next day – Hair was still full of curls. I did that 3 days in a row and the results were beautifull! Ok on the 5th day I looked like Shrek..lmao but still. I even ran through mild rain showers to see what would happen. I lost body once the rain got it damp. But that body quickly returned once the hair was dry. This stuff is the shyt and very much worth a try if you’re lookin, so please…check it out!! I have reached Hair Nirvana. 3 weeks in and I am still continuously looking for problems with this product. Is it drying my hair out? No. Is my hair a tangled wirey mess after using this product? NO. Is my hair predictable now? YES. Can I attend an occasion now without worrying about what my dramatic natural hair will do? YES.

Here are 2 video review/tutorials that explains the entire process

Have you ever tried Mixed Chicks?



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  1. I just really think the name is disgusting…. like only mixed chicks have curly hair…tf!?

  2. Omg I was so happy when I came downstairs and my mom said I was getting Mixed Chicks!