Scary Fun Halloween Dessert for Kids!


My kids and I LOVE Halloween!  It one of our most favorite times of year!  Besides dressing up, turning the children loose on the neighborhood and listening to “Thriller” over and over again we also like to indulge in the sugary. One of my favorite things to make for them every year is “Dirt”.  Dirt is a Scary, Fun Halloween Dessert for Kids (and adults!) It’s a creative recipe that involves chocolate sandwich cookies and chocolate pudding.  I have been making this for at least 20 years. No matter how old my kids get I they still look forward to it.  The recipe is easy and its fun to get them involved in the prep!

Prep Time:  15 minutes


1 – standard pk of chocolate sandwich cookies
2 – standard boxes of instant chocolate pudding mix (the one that only requires you to add cold milk)
Gummy Worms

I like to do this in a clear dish so the kids can see the layers. Its so simple and fun to make.

Make the Pudding according to instructions on the box .  Once it’s done use it to fill your dish almost to the top.
Empty all of the chocolate sandwich cookies into a clear plastic storage bag. Close the bag. Gently crush the cookies with a can of vegetable or something hard enough to smash the cookies inside the bag. Keep crushing until it has the consistency of…you guessed it…DIRT! (Don’t worry about the white cream inside of the cookies, it will blend.)

Pour the crushed cookie over the pudding.

Insert Gummy Worms so it looks like they are coming up out of the dirt.

Place in the fridge to chill.

That’s it.  Easy  peasy.  Sugary sweet, scary and fun.  Trust me this dish never gets old.  It can be enjoyed anytime of the year and by using a variety of different flavor puddings and cookies.  Get creative!

What is your favorite Halloween dessert?


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  1. That sounds wonderful. Since we don’t recognize Halloween in my home, I will save this recipe as a birthday treat. My young ones love dirt through out the year. LOL!!!