Own Your Mouth

This post was written by Guest Blogger Lawana Ross.


Who owns your mouth?
The tongue has no bones yet it has the ability to break someone in a million ways.
In the last year I learned that, Silence is golden, that some things are not worth saying and that some people ain’t worth the response.

It’s better to think quickly but not hard to understand fully and to clearly articulate what you have to say.

You have the power to own your mouth in other words be responsible for what you say.

Have you ever wondered why you don’t have peace in your home or why a certain plan you had didn’t fall through? It’s because of your mouth.

Not all things need to be said out loud because sometimes those closest to you do not have your best interest at heart and some of them are secretly praying for your down fall.

We have to be careful with our tongues and also be careful when listening to what comes out the mouths of others. What you intake negativity, for instance it can throw you off balance.  You will notice this after a simple conversation if you feel drained or your energies have turned.  Negative energy can affect you just as strongly as positive energy so you have to have discernment. Not only do we have to watch what we say but we have to watch what we listen to.  We don’t have the power to control others and what they may say but we do have power over our mouths.  We also have the power to do what we want with the information we receive as well as how we let it affect us. So own your mouth. Take responsibility for what you say AND your words.  Use discernment with what you allow into your minds and be kind to others.

Do you watch what you say?  Or are you “unfiltered”?

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