My Biggest Take Aways from Steve Harvey’s Act Like A Success Conference

I have partnered with Purpose Driven Media and am a member of the Act Like a Success Social Media Team. They provided me with compensation for this event coverage. All thoughts and opinions expressed are my own.


It was indeed a pleasure to serve on the Social Media Team for Steve Harvey’s Act Like A Success conference.  Before I even get started with telling you how inspirational and motivational it was I would like to give shouts out to my team members.  We were led by Christine (@MomsNCharge). Our team included Sojourner (@sojournerruth), Troy (@Xklusive5), Bernetta (@BernettaStyle), Vashti (@VeePeeJay) and myself Stacey (@TheSistahChick).  As a member of this team it was our job to share bits and pieces of all of the useful information with the world through social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Periscope, SnapChat, etc.  We also were monitors and facilitators of the attendees that watched via Live Video Stream.

This amazing transformational conference took place at the Grand Hyatt Buckhead here in Atlanta.  I am telling you it was filled with eager people who were there ready to learn.  Knowledge was given that you can use for your business as well as tips and nuggets that you can apply to all aspects of your life.  Attendees came from far and wide to learn from Steve Harvey and his crew of successful business people. We got to hear from amazing speakers like Rhonda Britten who talked to us about overcoming our fears.



She talked about fear vs. freedom.  She really broke it down as she creatively defined fear and how it can basically ruin our lives.  It was a great take away that I will remember and refer to the next time I am fearful about something.

I couldn’t help but to absorb all of this goodness while trying to share it on social media!  It was very clear that Act Like A Success is not a “Fake It Till You Make It” idea. It’s creating the life you want through your thoughts, words and deeds. If you want to be a success you have to listen to the positive voice in your head and be clear about your purpose and then you must do the work.


Money maven, Patrice Washington, spoke to us about making money authentically and I really enjoyed her rags to riches story.  She told us how she was able to create her own lane in the financial world and how there is enough room for everyone no matter what industry you serve, so there is no need to compare yourself to others.. I loved her no holds barred message on authenticity

Day 1 alone was enough to sustain all listeners with a full plate of encouragement that included Rhonda Britten, Doreen Rainey, Patrice Washington, Steve Harvey and Taneshia Warner. This was my 2nd year providing coverage for Act Like A Success Conference but it was my first time being there live and in person.   Day 2 was filled with even more. The breakout sessions were incredible.  They all delivered hands on information to encourage movement within our lives and businesses.  


Christine St. Vil’s session, Social Media: Live,  was very cool. Since Social Media is my thing I just had to sit in on her session.  Christine will always have a special place in my heart because she gave me my first shot at conference speaking and shared her stage with me back in the day.  I just really love her style, class and sweet spirit.  Her message about using social media and LIVE streaming to promote your business was crucial.  Too many of us are leaving money on the table because we are not active on Social Media.


After the morning sessions were done Steve Harvey came out and man let me tell you, he put it down.  He poured into us well after his time was up because he wanted to make sure that we received what he was saying.  He spoke about his faith, where he came from, discovering his own gift of comedy and much more.  The greatest takeaway that I received from his message was his method of ridding our circles of negative people.  He has a simple formula of checks, stars and dots.  Here is how it works.


Now get rid of the dots.  Cross them off your list and get them out of your life.

If you plan to be successful then these people will not be able to go with you and just may hold you back from getting there yourself!  This message is definitely a takeaway for me!

Here is a video clip of his entire message about removing negative people from your life. It was epic!

This was a 3 day event.  In addition to speakers, break out sessions each day started with fitness.  After each break there was dancing and moving.  We got to witness the very 1st class of graduates from the Steve Harvey Success Institute. Tamar Braxton stopped through and Todd Chrisley was there on the last day with his quirky brand of humor and advice!  There was so much more that I am afraid this post will be 2000 words long if I tell you all of it.  What you are going to have to do is attend next year and see for your self.

Before I attended this conference I created a list of the 3 Things That I Wanted to Receive from Act Like A Success and they delivered.  It was everything I expected.  I was absolutely motivated.  I was able to pinpoint some things that I need to work on for myself.  I made some wonderful connections.  It truly did not seem like work at all!!

Once again it was an honor and a privilege to serve on the social media team for Steve Harvey’s Act Like A Success Conference!

I can’t wait until next year!

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What does “Acting Like A Success” mean to you?


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