MidLife Observations from AFROPUNK Atlanta!!


I can’t believe that I got to go to AFROPUNK Atlanta!  Ya know, its really crazy how things work out sometimes.  I had no idea that my little container garden video would earn me a spot at the table with Toyota Green Initiative at Tree Sound Studios on Friday night. At the end of the dinner I was given a very lovely terrarium full of succulents AND AFROPUNK tickets

AFROPUNK is a festival that is a fusion of Music, Art, Fashion and Activism


AFROPUNK is defining culture by the collective creative actions of the individual and the group. It is a safe place, a blank space to freak out in, to construct a new reality, to live your life as you see fit, while making sense of the world around you. —–AFROPUNK.com/Atlanta


This year’s Line Up included:  Miguel, Solange, Willow Smith

I decided to take one of my blogging boo’s @kiwithebeauty as my plus one.  I have known her for years and had no idea that she wanted to go.  I was happy to receive a YES from her and to find out that it was a dream of hers to attend.  I knew that we were gonna have an interesting time upon entering the venue.  Even though I thought she would run off to be with her friends, she didn’t.  She hung out with me and we had a really good time.  I was actually glad have her there with me as sort of my “millennial tour guide” because I promise I didn’t know what the hell was going on or who half the artists were! #NoneOfThatMattered Once we got inside I quickly saw that this gathering was about freedom and expression.  Most of the people that I saw in attendance were young.  All of the people that I saw were in their element.  I was just there to observe and observe is what I did.  I also had a once in a lifetime experience.


This year’s AFROPUNK Fest was held in Mechanicsville in a warehouse district-like space called 787 Windsor.  With the right lighting, sound and staging it really resembled a post apocalyptic celebration of victory.  I saw a sign that said, “Neon Junkyard”  I’d say that was a pretty accurate description.  The place was filled to the brim with colorfully dressed (and half dressed) young people who blended right into the scene. The stage was set in the midst of the event space which was surrounded by other spaces complete with a Graffiti Alley and an Open Air Room.  Everything was tricked out with all the modern amenities such as adequate seating & charging stations.

This room was my favorite because of all of the colors



It really was and it took me back to my concert days.  Being out at night with friends, standing for hours in questionable places, drinking and listening to good music.  Yep it was and still is fun so I took my bra off and I had a great time!  Miguel happens to be one of my favorite artists.  His 2nd album, Kaleidoscope Dreams, is on eternal repeat on my listening device.  I got to see him sing live today. What could be better? Even though I could have been up at the front of the stage to listen to him belt out some of my favorite hits. I elected to find a nice comfy spot in the back where I could sit down, enjoy a bite to eat and listen to him serenade me.

These days, young people are always getting a bad rap.  Us older folks blame them for ALL noise, ruckus and just general mayhem.  We blame millennials for all things just because.  Like we were never young.  I saw none of that happening here.  All I saw was beautiful young faces and bodies, dancing, singing, enjoying life and having a good time.  I ran into a lot of friends of my grown children who were both surprised and happy to see me there jamming to music with them. (They even walked me to my car afterwards!)

Trust me I paid for everything the next day when i woke up.  My feet hurt.  My back hurt.  I also lost my voice from screaming and I may or may not have had a slight hangover.  #iPleadTheFifth It was worth every minute.  Thank you AFROPUNK!  I had a blast and can’t wait to see you next year!!


Thank you Toyota Green Initiative!!

For more information about AFROPUNK Afropunk.com


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