I Married My Ex Boyfriend – A Love Story


When I met my husband he was standing in my living room.  It was the summer of ’89. Of course I did not know that he was my husband at the time.  No, he was my cousin’s homey and he was 20 years old.  I was 21.  I was also pregnant with my first child who would be born a couple of months later.   You see my crazy cousin thought it would be a good idea to stop by my house to check on me.  I was sad and alone because the father of my child was a deadbeat who left me high and dry.  He also thought it’d be great to bring his coworker/friend along for the ride.  This friend of his was super cute with a gorgeous smile and very polite.  I was so embarrassed.  I don’t know why, I didn’t know this guy from Adam yet there I was exposed and vulnerable in front of him.  After they left I remember going to my room and crying.  Maybe it was the pregnancy.  Maybe it was embarrassment. Who knows?

After I had my son I began to get back out there socially.  I was 21 years old and I still liked to rip and run.  Card parties, house parties, clubs you name it and I was trying to be there.  But I would also still go to church.  From time to time I would run into my cousin and his friends while out and about.  I would speak to them, joke around a little and keep going. Back then we were known for clubbing all night on Saturday but we still showed up to church the next day!  Pastor used to call us young people out for dosing off in the back!  The church decided to hold its annual Valentine’s Day dinner.  My cousin wanted to go to this dinner with my BFF at the time.  So he was like, “Hook me up with your girl.” But my girl wasn’t going unless I was going so long/short it ended up being a double date.  Here is a pic from that night.


It was a CRAZY night.  First we went for a fancy dinner with the church folk.  At the dinner it was requested that each couple stand up and say something about each other.  When it was my turn to stand up I said, “Um.. I don’t really know what to say.  I don’t really know him.  This is out first date.”  Everyone clapped and laughed.  When that was over we hit the streets.  My cousin talked my friend into going back to her place which left me alone with his friend. So we did what young people do.  We broke out the liquor and looked for a place to park.  We didn’t talk much… just passed the bottle back and forth.  On about that 4th pass he leaned in for a kiss and it was on doggone!

For the next 3 months we were inseparable.  When he wasn’t at work or school.  He was with me and my son.  We went to his basketball games.  He stayed at my apartment.  We did everything together. We also kept going to church. We were together so much that people that he was my son’s father.  We had some great times. I was head over heels for him that’s for sure.  Then one day he told me that he had to leave town.  When I asked him why he said that his girlfriend needed him.  Girlfriend?  Yes he had a girlfriend this whole time and I knew it.  She lived in another state, rarely visited so she was a non m—–f—— factor as far as I was concerned. So he left.

When he came back there were no questions or explanations required.  We just picked up where we left off.  Like nothing happened.  He told me he loved me. Another couple months passed and he had to leave again.  I didn’t ask no questions.  When he came back this time however I was straight with him.  I was like, “choose.” He chose his girlfriend and that was that.   Our entire affair lasted about 6 months.  He eventually left town and I went on with my life.  We stayed in contact and whenever he came back in town to visit my cousin he would find me and we would hook-up.  I still loved him but I couldn’t wait for him so I cut it off.  He went on to have a son and I went on to have another son with someone else. It was what it was and eventually we lost touch.


Then a mutual friend of ours died.  A homey that we both loved dearly.  Murdered.  I had to get in touch with him to let him know.  So I went to my cousin (Mike Epps will play my cousin in the movie).  He told me, “look I’m gonna get you in touch but I think he’s married now…”  Those words.  He’s married? wow.  I called the number anyway.  He answered.  I told him how our friend died (shot multiple times at point blank range) and we both cried on the phone. Afterwards, I asked him, “So how’s married life treating you?”  He responded, “Married?  I’m not married.”  I repeated what my cousin said and he was quick to correct me telling me that he never married and also that he was no longer with his girlfriend.  10 years had passed by now and here we were both single.  (ok well I was dating someone but I had no problem dropping his ass like a hot potato) There was only one problem.  He lived in Atlanta now and I lived in Indiana.  We spent a week together on the phone.  For the next month he drove from Atlanta to Indiana (10 hours each way) to see me EVERY weekend.  He would leave his job on Friday in Atlanta drive through the night to Indiana.  Spend Saturday with me and drive back on Sunday.  It only took another month before we decided to get married.  There was no romantic proposal, no flash mobs… we just made a decision.  He asked me to move to Atlanta and I said exactly this, “I ain’t movin no where unless we gettin married.”  (half joking, half serious)  He said, “Ok, when?”  I didn’t know if he was serious or not but I kept playing along. He moved me to Atlanta in August 2000.  We got married 6 months later on February 17th, 2001. Valentines Day weekend.  11 years later almost to the day of our very first date.  The rest is history.


2/17 is our anniversary.  Happy anniversary to my beautiful husband, Angelo, who I have loved since day one.  The amount of love that he shows me daily is immeasurable.  He single handedly change my life and turned me into the lovely Sistah that you know and love today.  I thank God everyday for him. He is and always will be the love of my life.

The end.





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