FrightFest At Six Flags Over Georgia


We had a SPOOKY good time at FrightFest at Six Flags Over Georgia for Media and VIP night!  Six Flags Over Georgia transformed their amusement park into a stellar Halloween themed event. Complete with haunted houses, zombies, grave yards and yes CLOWNS, there was something to scare the bejeezers out of you everywhere you turned!

FrightFest at Six Flags Over Georgia

First things first!  As soon as we got there we checked in at the Media table and received Superman capes for all!  This is a detail that I think is a must for Fright Night! My nephews eyes lit up once we put them on!!

They pulled out all the stops for us with a full schedule events that included a behind the scenes Make Up Tour!  We also got to check out Dr. Fright’s Dead Man’s Party at Crystal Pistol.


Here is some LIVE footage from that show!


We got busy immediately by checking out what could before the sunset and oh so much more after it went down.  The freaks really did come out at night!  There were so many attractions our goal was just to see as many as we could.

Listen, I really didn’t know what to expect from FrightFest at Six Flags when I arrived.  Would I be scared?  I didn’t think so, I mean come on… I’m grown.  My cracked iPhone says otherwise because I dropped it while running from something in one of those Scare Zones!!  (SCREAMS) We visited the following Scare Zones:  The Foundry, Demonatrix and the Southern Cemetery.

Camp Slasher the Haunted Summer Camp was filled with dead people and psychopaths with chain saws and knives.

So not only was it scary but it was fun.  There was also tons of entertainment for everyone.  In addition to all of that the park was open as normal so everyone for to enjoy the rides too.  My family and I had a wonderful time.

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